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~This Oneshot was requested by~ Vinkacz
~I hope you like it~

A place where children laugh and play. A place where sobs can't reach your ears. That's where you wanted to be. Somewhere the cold and crimson red blood couldn't touch your skin. You struggled to balance yourself in between reality and the after life when the time came for you to leave. But your eyes were still open and your breath still left your pale lips. You were still alive but would die in a matter of minutes. It was impossible for someone in your condition to survive.

"And to think people were saying I would have a happy life? Is there such a thing? I have to admit though, having him as a friend did lighten even my darkest days. Mahiru, you truly were a nice friend-" you thought to yourself as you lay on the cold hard cement. You heard footsteps and looked up. You couldn't see anything except someone grab your hand and shout.


You wake up on a hospital bed. You open your eyes slightly and look at your hand. Whoever held it had left a warm touch. You look over to your right and look at Mahiru. You start a coughing fit and he grabs your hand again.


"Mahiru- HA!"

"So what's wrong with her?"

"I don't know? Tell me Y/N"

"Wh-who is that?"

"His name is Kuro"

"Wha? Is-isn't that your c-cat?"

"What! Y/N!"

You close your eyes and the only thing you could hear are sounds of wind and doctors coming in. Several what seemed like seconds later you wake up again to Mahiru standing over your bed.


"What is it?"

"I want you to make Y/N your subclass"

"And why would I do that?"

"Because I'm your eve and your supposed to listen to me!"

"But why?"

"Didn't you hear what the doctors said?"


"She won't make it...and I want you to make her your subclass"

"Alright fine"

And that's how your adventure began with the SerVamp known as Kuro, your master.



"Yes master?"

"Stop being so troublesome and quit it with the master thing. It's so stupid I could die"

"Ok Kuro"

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