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/-\ Hello again. Here you go/-\

" @xX_KitsuneOtaku_Xx :
Which human in Gravity Falls is your Favorite?"

Bill; well, I'm going to pick more than one, it got to be the Pines Twins, Shooting Star and Pine Tree-

Bill: wait hold up *scratches his arm* eeeh itchy

Bill; anyways, Shooting Star and Pine Tree.

Bill: yeah of course we hate each other. And yeah I tried to kill them but they tried to get rid of me For good first, so I had my reasons

Bill: but hey they're my favoriiittee! And I picked them first to kill cause I like them!

Bill: that's how it works right?

Bill: Star Ship- woah "Star Ship?" Who the hell is Star Ship? Jack why did you type "Star Ship"?

Sorry sorry. I messed up

Bill: who's Star Ship?

It's cause Shooting Star and Star Ship. Both have "Star" in it. Sorry-

Bill: but who's star ship, kid?

It's this character from Star Vs The Forces Of Evil-

Bill: wow that's a long name

- and this demon character-

Bill: oooh a demon like me!

- named Tom, who's a fire demon from the underground or Hell-

Bill: my home!

- Has a nickname for Star Butterfly which is Star Ship

Bill: oh I see I see


Bill: I understand now.


Bill: anyways SHOOTING STAR, she's very Energetic and quirky. It's fun watching her when she's not aware of me watching because seeing her all silly and random amused me.

Bill: ...... Wait <he realize what he said made him sound like a stalker. What a total loser>

Bill: Pine Tree, he hates me and tries to get rid of me and that's what I like about him. He fails every time. Amusing.

Bill: so those are my favorite Humans who I would never kill unless it's for specific reasons.

Bill: that's all I guess?

Bill: I'm not good at ending stuff like this.

Bill: ask me more questions.... ?

Bill: I'll be watching yyyoooouuuuu

Bill: does that creep you out?

Bill: good.

Bill: look behind you.

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