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What would you do.....?

Is based upon 3 siblings Ava Monae, La 'Bria and Faison who have been playing the parental roles of each other since their childhood. Their mother Lafayette was diagnosed with a terminally ill disease in 2008 when the siblings were 12, 9 and 7. Passing away a year later and having no one to take care of them Fai refused to let his little sisters and him become separated in foster care and finds an alternative on his own. As time passes, they grow closer and fonder of each other....but they also come across dark paths that may break their bond, family or ultimately themselves. At the age of 19 Faison has took under the wing of a big time dope boy in their hometown who has taught Fai a little more than the drug game and has Fai questioning himself and how others will view him if they found out his secret. Bria has become one of the most popular individuals to grace her school and all the guys want to flock to her however, her preference and how she helps to contribute to her family is a mystery to the friends that bestow her and her own siblings. Finally, we have little Ava.....innocent, sassy and extremely mature for her age....Ava feels more like a burden on her brother and sister and finds her own little extracurricular activity to bring in some dough. This story will make you laugh cry and hopefully draw you closer to your own family...cause if it all fell down and you were all you had to survive. What would you do?

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