Dean: Infinite Tenderness

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Infinite Tenderness

You and Dean are both good friends ever since you are both kids but Sam is your closest because both of you had the same taste which is reading books. Your parents are both hunters and they would always let you have a sleepover with the Winchesters whenever they are away. You would always play with the boys and they would treat as their little sister. But you parted ways with them is because your father decided to gave up the hunting business and let you pursue college. And it had been fifteen years ago since the last time you saw them.

Because it is in the family of being a hunter, you dropped out of college and went back as a hunter. Your parents are against it but you are so stubborn that they told you that they never wanted to see you again. You drove to the roadhouse of the Harvelle's which is also a family friend. You thought it would be crazy to be a hunter alone but the thought of it made you so excited. Your parents hunt shapeshifters, wendigos, vampires and other monsters that your parents would usually talk about when you are little.

It is a five hour drive to the Harvelle's , you can't wait to see them because it had been years. You met Jo and Ash since you are kids. Your mother's closest friend is Ellen and you remember Ellen babysitting you. You arrived at the roadhouse which is close but you noticed that the lights are still open. You quietly knocked at the door and then Jo opened the door,

"Who are you?" Jo asked.

Your eyes widened. You couldn't believe that it was Joanna Harvelle, one of your closest friends.

"Jo, it's me. (Y/N)." You smiled at her. Jo looked at you for a minute then it finally sink he r in.

"Oh my god! (Y/N)!" Jo quickly hugged you tightly and you hugged her back.

"Guys, its (Y/N)!" Jo told to the other.

You saw Ash,Ellen, Bobby, the Winchesters and a guy wearing a trench coat. It looks they are all busy drinking beer and Sam quickly went to you. He hugged you tightly and your arms are around his neck, he lift you up from the ground and then spin you around.

"Hey, Sammy." You smiled at him.

"Oh my god, (Y/N). I couldn't believe it is you." He hugged you tightly and you are giggling because you are happy that Sam didn't forget you.

You saw Bobby walking towards you, he is the closest friend of your Dad and you quickly went to Bobby. You hugged him,

"Bobby, I missed you so much."

"I missed you too, kid. You looked a lot like your mother. Thank god that you didn't look like your father."

You laughed then you also hug Ellen and Ash. Ellen is all teary because she became your second mother and it had been years since the last time you visit them. Then you saw Dean. You noticed that he changed; he became a lot mature and attractive. You had a huge crush with Dean when you are kids and you never told anyone except with Sam because he is your trusted ally.

Dean went near to you, "Hey."

"Hey." You also said. You felt that sudden butterflies in the pit of your stomach, you would always have this effect on Dean.

You hugged Dean and he also hugged back. You missed Dean so bad and after fifteen years, you are still attracted to this green eyed Winchester.

You looked at him and he said, "Wow, puberty hit you so hard." Dean teased while you laughed at him.

"Well, look at you. You still have your rugged good looks." You joked and Dean laughed.

"Everybody, we need to celebrate because (Y/N) is here with us!" Ellen said.