Chapter 5

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A/N . Hey guys! I love you! Lol, but seriously, I do! You guys are awesome! But I have a challenge for you guys! Trust me, it'll be fun.


Answer these questions. If at lease 3 people get all right, i'll give another update again tonight on this book, AND on all my other books!

Questions :

1. What age did Mya get Raped?

2. What age did Mya have Kylan?

3. What event happened between Mya and Kaeden that made Mya move in the first book at the beginning?

4. Who did Mya fight at the beginning of the first book?

5. Life dated who? ( easy af )

Answer those correctly and I'll update this book AGAIN, Thug Love Is Real, and He changed For Me.

If you haven't read any of those, I suggest you do so (:

ALSO! I don't want ANYONE to comment update. Let's see if we can do that (:

Anyway, here is your update (:







I was kind of mad. After the little event between me and Mya, I asked her what it meant. And you wanna know what she said?

We still friends.! -,-

What the fuck! I was mad. I just got up and came into the kitchen. Her ass still in the living room.

She walked in.

" Are you mad at me? " She asked

I didn't answer. Hell yeah I was mad.

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