Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I walk into Daytona Beach high school on a sunny, cloudless September morning. It is the first day of my junior year. My backpack feels lightweight but I know that soon it will be weighing me down based on all the talk about all the homework and textbooks that us Juniors are going to get this year. I watch in amusement as a group of freshmen boys stumble ahead of me into the building, joking around like a bunch of kindergartners.

Once I'm inside the school I take out my folded up schedule and look to see where my first class is. Pre Calculus, Ms. Abrams, Room 236. I hear the warning bell and quickly rush to the staircase and run up the stairwell. I then run smack into my friend Julia Langley.

"Nora!" she cries excitedly and envelops me in an embrace.

"It's so good to see you Jules! My god I haven't seen you in ages, how was Spain?" I ask eagerly.

"Muy bueno," she says in an awful Spanish accent and we both burst into fits of laughter. She then hits me playfully, "Hey, don't make fun. Remember, I'm in Spanish four this year, I'll get better,"

"Sure," I say sarcastically and then smile. "Well Señorita Langley, I have to go now. I'm off to Pre Calculus with Ms. Abrams," I say waving goodbye to her dramatically.

"Oh god, you have her? Beware, she's a real bitch," Julia says.

I groan. "Well, if I can't take her the first day then I'll switch out."

"Yeah, what lunch period do you have?," Julia asks, "I have it fifth."

"Me too!" I say and we both squeal with excitement. "Ok but like seriously I have to go now. I don't want to get on the bitch's bad side already for being late," I say, referring to Ms. Abrams.

"Ok sorry, you go, I'll see you around, girl," Julia says and then be both hug one more time and take off in opposite directions.


Well, Julia was right. Ms. Abrams is a total bitch. Right when I entered her class she gave me this death glare and told me to look at the seating chart on the board. For the rest of class we had to listen to her lecture us about the importance of math and how doing well in it gets you into a good college. I felt like falling asleep but I couldn't because she would occasionally look over at me and raise her eyebrows. I swear I don't know how I'm going to make it through the year being in her class.

By the end of fourth period, I practically spring out of my seat, eager to go to lunch and see some of my friends. Besides Julia, Asher was also in my lunch period as well as his friend, Jake Hall. All four of us had lunch together last year too and I hoped that my other friends Lizzie, Stacy, or Katie would somehow be in our same lunch period as well.

When I enter the cafeteria, I'm practically trampled by a group of hyperactive freshmen. I miraculously manage to break away from them and once I do, I see Asher standing near one of the vending machines a few feet away. He smiles at me and my heart melts. I return his expression and rush over to him and he scoops me up into his arms. He smells like Sour Patch Kids and Diet Mountain Dew, his two favorite things in the world besides me.

"It's so fucking good to see you, Ash," I say into his neck and he laughs.

"It's good to see you too Nora." He kisses me lightly on the lips.

I look adoringly into his ocean blue eyes. "Where's everyone else?" I ask.

"Hey, there he is!" Asher suddenly shouts, signaling to his best buddy Jake Hall.

Jake walks over to us and grins, giving Asher a fist bump. "What's up my mans?"

"I just got my first Sour Path Kids and Mountain Dew of the year," Asher tells him.

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