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It was a cold autumn Sunday. Some vibrant colored leaves had just fallen onto the now freshly damped Earth. Thanks to Mother Nature, a few hours ago, the sky decided that it was entirely fitting to send water spewing down on her civilians.

As of that, the air was now cold and the sky was no where near bright. A few grey clouds that hung high where easy to sight.

I had on a over sized cable knit sweater, high waisted Jean shorts, with comfy over the knee high socks and vans. My blond-brown curly hair in a bun. A few tendrils had managed to escape the black rubber band I had placed earlier around it. Looking down, my hands held a worn out purse and keychain, that I thought wonderfully displayed my car keys.   

This Sunday in particular was quite strange. For I had decided to go out on an expedition. Shopping; how blatantly divine .

It was not as though I despised shopping, but that I despised leaving my house for any case, whatever it may be. This issue, nonetheless, stemmed from  my break up with Kai. I was fifteen and naive. I presumed that I loved him and that he loved me and that absolutely no one could ever come between us. But I was wrong. He lied, used and abused me. Maybe it was due to the fact that he being nineteen and i being fifteen was too much of a gap. Or perhaps he simply grew tired of me and left. In spite of that, I do remember hearing rumours of him leaving for some other girl. I was played. He did not love me. He lusted and got what he wanted and was done. From that point on, I knew I was not going to recover.

Days went by, which soon became weeks, swiftly turning into months, later years. It has been currently two and half years since my first heartbreak, and there isn't a single day that has gone by where I did not stop to think of the one whom had caused it. And for that I whole heartedly believe that is the cause to why by body and mind aches. Aches to the point where I do not find myself capable of leaving the house, well must I say for anywhere other than school.

As I entered the mall my eyes caught full attention of Sofia's plaid trousers. My face held a smile as I walked over to her.

Me: " So I guess it's time?"

Sofia: " Yah! Come on cheer up. You have to let him go ké, he's no good for you. You know. You have to live life, be free, forget about boys. And don't you worry, the right one will come around, I promise you."

She said, plastering a big smile on her lips. She abruptly grabs me by the arm.

Me: "OUCH"!

I yelled in admonition.

Sofia: "let's go boo, these dresses aren't going to show themselves anytime soon. And while we are trying on dresses for the tea party of yours, hahem... Maybe you'll spot a guy maybe two, or oh maybe at the tea pa---"

Me: "Can you not Sofia".

I glared making it known that I did not approve of her going on. She did not seem angry but paused for a while as if she did not know what to do.

The tea party, *my mother's annual tea fest is scheduled for the following Sunday, and I am definitely not looking forward to it. Simply because I am not phased by public gatherings and rich flamboyant people, and solely wishes to be left alone in peace. On the other hand my mother has not  a care in the world of what my thoughts are on this particular matter, instead she carries it on. Though I do not blame her; I understand that she is a public figure and needs to find the best possible way to sell her products, and trying this method just might do the trick. Especially because she is on her own after the sudden disappearance of my dad, and needs all the encouragement she can get as a growing entrepreneur.

I had not one intentions of idling in the mall, I knew exactly what I was to get and all I needed to do was to purchase the two items and leave.

My heart dazzled at the thought of a simple mid-way black body-con dress and a pair of red velvet stilettos. Then it dawned on me that it would look even more completed if a necklace and a pair of earrings where bought to compliment it.

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