Chapter 20

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Your P.O.V

Whilst eating the barbecue we all sat and talked about some stuff. Sam told us what his life was like now and asked how Sherlock and I met. When i got to the part about how we got together, his eyes held sadness. But I didnt love him anymore. I loved Sher and i always will. After the barbecue, we decided we were going to all go back out on the float. Sher and I said we would share one of the slices as there was an extra person this time. But Mr and Mrs Holmes said they would stay back so we had an extra 2 slices. Sam went on one of them and that meant we had a spare one. We all got on it and paddled it away. Sher sat on one side and i sat beside him, Mikey on the other side of Sher then it was an empty slice. Then It was Sam then John and last of all me! Sher wrapped his arm around me as we floated out. "Mycroft hows your government stuff?", Sher says. "Brother dear, i came to relax", he replied. I snuggled close to Sher and thought about my amazing life. Sher and I had been together for about a month now.

J: So Sam, how long are you staying for?

Sam: I'm not sure yet, i will probably leave tomorrow.

J: So are we, you should come back with us for a while?

Sam: I wouldnt want to intrude?

S: No, dont worry its fine.

I could see Sher was lying through his teeth as he looked as if he hated Sam. I rubbed his arm.

Sam: Alright! Thanks so much, that would be amazing!

I yawned.

S: Feeling sleepy dear?

Y/N: Yeah, I have no idea why?

S: I do.

Mikey and Sher looked at me with soft eyes.

Y/N: Guys it was a nightmare, shut up, im fine.

I laughed.

J: Well, if you're feeling sleepy...

He pushed me in.

I came back up to the surface, spitting up water. "BLOODY HEDGEHOG!", I yelled. I swam after John but he was faster. "Sher? Mikey?", I yelled. They looked at me with raised eyebrows. "A little help?", i continued. They both got down. I jumped on Sher's back and we went after John, we got him and started splashing him.

Sam's P.O.V

They looked so happy. When Y/N was lying down, her locket opened and i saw the photos of her and Sherlock. She looked so happy. I never told her, but i was never happy again after we broke up and I couldnt. She looked so in love. While Sherlock and Mycroft, I think thats his name, were swimming after John, Y/N came back to get a breather and pulled herself up on the pizza float.
We sat and caught up more about how my life was.

Your P.O.V

I swam back and pulled myself on the float and Sam and I sat and talked. "Sammy?", I asked. "Yeah?", he replied. "Do you know how Lola is?", I asked nervously. Lola was one of my bullies in high school. "No, I dont talk to them anymore", he said. My phone went signalling another video call. It was Lestrade! I answered.

"Greg!" I yelled.

"Y/N!", he said. "I was wondering how you guys are?"

"Great!", i said.

"Are you coming back tomorrow?", he asked.

"Yep", i perked.

He took notice of my chain.

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