Chapter 1

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Hey guys! this is my first time writing a story so I hope you guys enjoy it! Please vote, comment and tell me what you think! I'm sorry for any typos ahead of time.

Erin's POV

I never knew that I could feel anything again, up until I met him. He had brought this warmness into my life that I no longer knew felt like. To feel like a person for a moment of my life, to not actually feel like a monster. Of course, being the daughter of a vampire lord didn't help my situation very much, seeing how I fell for one of the help.

The first day that I met Jaxon I knew that I was in deep trouble. The minute he walked into my room, not only could I hear his beautiful little heart beat, but his scent, oh my God his scent. I was actually afraid that I would lose control and give into the predator that lived inside me, and devour this person before even getting to know his name. It was bad enough that I had poor self control already.

"Clearly you've never heard of knocking." I snapped at him, already being in a pissy mood.

"I-I'm sorry, but your father I believe, he sent me to wake you."

"Where's Rosie?" I asked, my back still towards him as I continued to look out the window.

"Um, she's still showing the others the place.. Is there anything I can get you? She'll probably be busy most of the night, so you're kind of stuck with me."

I could already hear the smirk on his face through his deep masculine voice, sure enough the second I turned around he had a wide grin on his face. On his beautiful, beautiful, face. I took a second to observe him. He just stood there, in front of the doorway. He was.. Tall.. He had to be at least a little over six feet tall. He just stood there, staring at me with his vibrant emerald eyes, which I might say suited his fair skin well, and his beautiful brown hair.

What the hell are you doing? He's a human!

"Oh shït," were the next words that he mumbled out.

I mean it was everyone's reaction when they saw that I wasn't wearing my sunglasses. I should've known that someone was going to fill him in about my little 'gift' as my father likes to call it, but honestly it felt more like a curse.

It gets so annoying having to hear so many unwanted thoughts, but I'd like to think the mind control is pretty fun, at least up until my father hounds me about it. Fathers actually the only person who is immune to my abilities.

I look back over to him and see that he's looking down at the ground, clearly trying to avoid my gaze. Letting out a small chuckle, I tease him. "And that's why we always knock before we come in, but we got lucky today didn't we?" I hear him chuckle softly in return as I reach for my glasses.

"I'm sorry," he says. "It's just.. being my first day out on the floor and after speaking with Lord Lucius, it has me a little on edge," he apologizes.

I roll my eyes at the mention of my father. He's usually not your typical warm fuzzy father figure, but I know it has to do a lot with his position. Despite all of it though, he was still my father, my hard headed father, and I loved him, but I was still upset about yesterday.

You see, people would think that I had all this freedom seeing how I was up to royalty blood, but that's where they were wrong. If anything, I probably had the least freedom compared to everyone else. My father always worried that something could happen to me if I ever dared to go out of the city boundaries, or better yet, he worries that I'll sink my fangs somewhere they're not suppose to be.

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