The Death of Dimitri Black

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He had called for help only five minutes before the rogues clawed him, their sharp claws going straight into his heart. Rosalie screamed as she watched her husband fall, blood pooling out of his chest and soaking the ground. She was no longer paying attention to the fight around them, her eyes were focused on her pained mate. Dimitri's grey eyes focused on her, they were dull with agony as he struggled to breathe. 

"I-I'm sorry." he gasped.

Rose had tears running down her face as she cradled her husband, "Shhhh, it's okay."

He smiled weakly at her, he looked around as his family surrounded him, all of their eyes shining with fear and sorrow. He weakly grabbed his wife's hand and squeezed it, trying to be strong for her. However, Rosalie could tell he was fading, no one could live without their heart. He was growing paler by the second, there wasn't enough time to bring him to the infirmary. 

They were too late. 

"I-I love you guys...y-you all know that...right?" he whispered, looking at everyone.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he looked at them, hoping they knew he loved them with all his heart. His eldest daughters all knelt beside him and gently hugged him. Neither one of them caring if their shirts were stained with his blood.

"We love you, dad. We know you love us." Sara whispered.

"We love you so much." Sage cried. 

He slowly looked at his wife, frowning when he saw the tears rolling down her cheeks. He lifted his other hand and wiped her tears away. She slowly looked at him, both of them looked at each other with immense pain.

"I love you, baby girl." he whispered.

Rosalie cried, "I love you too, Demetrius." 

He smiled before his eyes lost their light and his hand went limp in her's. It took them a few seconds to realize he was dead. That their king, their oh so loving king, was dead. Rosalie burst into tears and collapsed on him, hugging him close. His daughters soon joined in, sobbing loudly.

"Come back! Please! I love you!" Rosalie sobbed. 

Rosalie gasped as she sat up in her bed, her eyes wide, she calmed herself down before looking over. His side of the bed was empty as always, never to be filled by another man. She got up and walked over to the drawers, she sighed as she took out one of his shirts. It has been three weeks since his death, but she couldn't seem to clean out his stuff. She knew it was unhealthy to cling onto every single memory, but she had to. She would lose her sanity if she didn't have something that held his scent. 

She sat down on the bed and breathed in his scent, as always, tears rolled down her cheeks. She shoved her face into his shirt and cried. Her heartbreak echoed in her dark room, adding onto the deep loneliness that she felt. She froze when she suddenly felt someone hugging her, it was faint, but she could feel it. Not only that, but she could also feel the sparks. They were extremely weak, but they helped her relax.

"I miss you." she croaked.

"I miss you too, baby girl." 

Her eyes widened, she spun around, facing the source of the voice. The voice she had loved for many long years. However, no one was there, except for the chills that ran down her spine. She sighed as she laid down, for some odd reason, she felt at peace. She rolled onto her side, cuddling the shirt to her chest. She stiffened when she felt arms wrap around her, but again, no one was there. 

She smiled sadly, at least, he wasn't visible. But she knew that he was the one hugging her, helping her sleep. 

"Goodnight, Demetrius." she whispered before plunging into the darkness. 

Laying beside her, was a lost spirit, one who's name used to be Demetrius Black. Once he knew she was asleep, he kissed her on the cheek. He then stroked her cheek, studying her. 

"We'll see each other again some day, but until then, sleep tight. I love you and I always will." he whispered. "I'll be at the gates when you cross over, by the way, your parents love me. Except your father, he hates me for those few times I hurt you. Says I should be in hell." 

He knew she couldn't hear him, after all, he was dead and she wasn't. He sighed, it felt weird being dead. He looked up at the moon, if he could cry, he would. He missed her, he missed his family, he missed his life. He looked back down at his wife, thankful he could still feel his love for her.

"Goodbye, Rosalie." he murmured.

He got up and looked at her, he then crossed over to the spirit world, for the last time. 

A/N: This didn't actually happen, but it was a "what if" type of deal. It just shows what would have happened if Dimitri had died in one of my books. Like, permanently die, not come back to life. 

Don't worry, the next one-shot will be filled with humor. :)

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