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Anne's POV

"Miss Axwell, with all due respect I hope you are aware that the company lost a big percentage of income in the past 4 months and we all know that if this conflict continues then there's a huge possibility for the company to go down.," CFO

Sumasakit ang ulo ko, tumayo ako at pumunta sa harap ng lahat,

"Let me ask you, Is the standard of quality management adequate and are attempts made to ensure that quality is given proper consideration at the design stage?
Have personnel been trained in how to prevent errors and quality problems? Do they anticipate and correct potential causes of problems, or do they find and reject?." once again I asked.

"Our older employees are well trained and I assure everyone that they can be trusted in terms of solving errors and ensuring that documents, quality systems, procedures and operations are in good order but... Most of them are new employees, " one of the board member spoke.

"Then I'm afraid the answer to all my question is...NO.,"I said coldly.

"As you see, I have trusted all of you to work together and do things in proper manner. I believed in your capacity and abilities in terms of handling a big company. The effectiveness of an organization and its people depends on the extent to which each performs his/her role and move towards common goals and objectives. " me

"Then I think we must do something to encourage each employee to work harder and do their very best for this company, also I suggest to punish those who are irresponsible " one suggested.

"I might consider your opinion as a risk for my company. I may not be able to point out who among my employees are doing well and who are not. But when reward and punishment is used to motivate performance, the degree of risk taking may lessen and be replaced by a MORE CAUTIOUS and conservative approach. In essence, the fear of failure replaces the desire to achieve." me. Once again the room was invaded by pin drop silence.

"Total Quality Management. It is concerned mainly with changing attitudes and skills so that the culture of the organization becomes one of preventing failure and the norm is operating right first time." me.

They all nod as if absorbing what I am implying.

"Finance director," me as I sat on my swivel chair studying the results of our production lately.

"Yes madam," she responded. " I want all reports from last month up to now," me

"Right away miss," sagot niya.

Dinismiss ko na ang meeting at sakto namang tumawag si John. Tsk. Hindi niya alam na nasa office ako ngayon, paano ba naman kasi ! Ang boring kaya sa bahay ! Hindi ko na kayang nakakulong lang ako, besides nagkakaproblema na sa kompanya. I thought preparing them was over. Perhaps I was wrong, hindi ko pa kayang hayaan ang kompanya sa pamamalakad ng board of directors ko. Sandaling panahon lang ako nawala ay nagkaproblema na kaagad, pero hindi naman talaga iyon malaking issue para saakin. Billion dollars ang kinikita ng bawat kompanya ko at napakalayo pa nito sa pagkalugi. Knowing my board of directors, they are all into money kaya hindi na ako nagtataka na ang 2 billion dollars ay malaking kawalan na para sa kanila.

"John," me.

"Uuwi ako ng maaga,"John.

Napaupo ako ng maayos nang may nanlalaking mga mata. Sh*t.

"WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!!," taranta kong tanong. Kilala ko ang lalaking ito at alam ko kapag may binabalak siya !

"*chuckle* Why? Meron ba akong hindi dapat malaman," he replied over the phone. "N-nothing, that's good.. I think, but why all of a sudden?" me.

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