Chapter 13. the morning after

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Addison blinked her eyes as the morning sun drifted into the room. She slowly sat up and looked down at the sleeping figure next to her. Instinctively she pulled the sheet further up trying to cover her naked body. Marcus shifted and was now facing her. She leaned down curiously and peered at his sleeping face.

He was still gorgeous even in sleep , she thought. She smoothed down her hair and felt a couple knots. She knew she probably didn't look as great as he did at the moment.

Marcus's breaths were even and he had a slight smile on his face. He was awake but decided to keep his eyes closed for a few more moments. He was secretly enjoying the way Addison was gliding her fingers softly across his lips and cheeks. He knew she was watching him and he tried very hard to keep "sleeping".

After a few moments, Addison slowly got out of the huge bed, taking the long dark sheet with her. Thankfully Marcus hadn't been laying on it otherwise she would be forced to stand fully nude in his bedroom. She quickly turned around embarrassed at the thought.

She stared at her hands clutching onto the sheet tightly. Who would've thought that she of all people would wake up next to a man like Marcus.

Addison knew that he probably had slept with many girls in the past and she wasn't an exception.
"The odd thing is, she thought to herself, is that I don't even care..."

She turned back around with new confidence and her mouth immediately dropped open when she saw Marcus sitting up in bed watching her. She nearly dropped the sheet in her hands. So much for that moment of confidence.

Marcus smirked up at her and chuckled. He had opened his eyes the second she had turned around. He knew she was thinking really hard by the way she kept squeezing her hands tightly around the sheet she had taken with her. Her back was exposed and he studied the smoothness of her white skin. She shifted slightly and the sheet fell a little exposing the sides of her long legs. His throat felt dry and he looked away for second feeling guilty for looking at her when she was unaware.

He heard her small gasp and looked up. Her eyes were wide and her hair was a tangled mess of curls cascading messily around her face. Unable to hold himself back he got out of the bed slowly and stopped when she gasped again.

Addison covered her eyes with the sheet and shouted at Marcus,"Put some clothes on please !"

Marcus laughed and pulled on his bottoms that had somehow ended up way across the room next to her. "That's not what you wanted last night."

She almost threw the sheet down in protest but quickly stopped herself when she remembered that it was the only thing keeping her from showing Marcus her skin suit once again. He raised his eyebrows at her and she noticed the look of amusement that crossed his face. She scoffed and turned her face away angrily.

"Come here..."

She looked up quickly and saw the dark look in his eyes. She gulped and shook her head quickly. He walked towards her and she backed away still shaking her head.

He had reached her when she ran out of room and her back was touching the cool wall. She cursed silently to herself when he touched her shoulders softly. She looked up at him when he stopped his caressing motions and caught his eyes. They were soft and full of ...


She laughed slightly. No. That couldn't be it.

Before she could think on it anymore Marcus had captured her lips in his and she let out a quiet groan. She immediately gave into his touch and wove her hands around his neck. His kisses became more persistent and he lifted her legs up around his waist and she was filled with the same ecstasy as the night before. 


Addison found herself in the kitchen doing the dishes in the large sink. She was still technically his "maid" if you could call it that, and the job needed to get done even if he had insisted that she stay in bed with him for another hour .

Addison refused reluctantly because she was suddenly reminded of the reason she was there in the first place. The debt.

The small debt that she owed Marcus. She bit her lip as she dried the bowl she was holding and felt her mood go down a couple notches. She knew she had only a short amount of time before she would have to leave. Her cat meowed in protest and she almost dropped the bowl in fright.

"Jeez. Why'd you sneak up on me like that ?"

She scratched him behind his ears and filled up his food bowl knowing he was still pissed at her for ignoring his cry's last night . In the middle of her and Marcus's...uh rendezvous she could hear quiet meows from outside the door. Marcus had stopped and looked down at her with an amused look. She shook her head and to her embarrassment, told him to "keep going."

"Sorry buddy.." she felt her face go red when Marcus entered the room dressed in his usual attire dressed up attire. She gulped and tried to not mind him at all. She went back to her work by the sink and ignored his playful looks.

He came up behind her and grabbed onto her hips tightly pressing her into him . She clenched her jaw and tried to fight the urge to turn around and rip off his dark dress shirt right there.

He said softly, "I'll see you later. I have to take care of some business at my office."

She just nodded and continued drying the same bowl for the eighth time. He kissed the side of her jaw, let her go and left. She set the bowl in her hand down shakily and let out the air she had been holding in her lungs.

"Damn him for making me feel like this.."

Her phone rang and she jumped slightly before picking up the phone and answering without checking the caller ID.

She cleared her throat ," um yes, hello ?"

She heard the person on the other line chuckle ,"ahhh hello to you too. Seems we might have forgotten about certain plans that were supposed to happen last night ?"

She smacked her forehead in disbelief,"oh my gosh.. I am so so sorry Nathan ! I can explain! I really just-"

"Addie,Addie, calm down . It's really alright. Yes.. my heart was broken but I could never stay mad at you. You were always very forgetful."

Nathan's assuring voice made her blush and she felt so terrible. "Please Nathan , how can I make it up to you ?"

In the end Addison was out the door and on her way to the little cafe where she used to work before the Marcus incident to have coffee with her secret first love and former best friend. She buckled her seat belt and leaned back into her seat.

"Here we go..."

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