Chapter 19

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Your P.O.V

I woke up half an hour later and realised Sher was still asleep and Mr and Mrs Holmes were sitting reading books. John was on his blog. Mikey was asleep. I had to go to the bathroom. I alerted the people awake quietly. John announced he needed too so he would walk me down. I shoved on my throw-over and heels and we walked down the path to the beach. We got to the bathroom and I went in. When i came back out, John was still in, so i waited. The same boy from the garden and the lift walked up to me. "Look, I don't know you, but you're creeping me out, following me all day? I'm not a psychiatrist but you better get that checked out. That's weird man", I commented. "Do you really not remember me?", he said. "Sorry, I remember your face but I cant place it", i said. He looked hurt.
"Y/N, it's Sam", he said. Sam! My first boyfriend Sam?. "Sam?", I questioned. He nodded. "Wow, I havent seen you in ages, how are you?", I asked nicely. "Good yeah, how are you?", He asked. He looked at my chain. "Oh", he said looking akward. "Is he nice?", he asked. "Yeah, he's the best thing to ever happen to me and I love him so much", I nodded thinking of my curly-haired detective. "I'm glad you're happy", he smiled. "Thanks what about you?", I asked smiling. "Nope still single", he laughed. Just at that moment John came out.
"Y/N? You ready?", John asked. "Yeah" i said. "John this is Sam, my first boyfriend and one of my friends and Sam this is John, my boyfriend's best friend.", I introduced. They shook hands and John invited Sam back up for a barbecue. Sam agreed and looked excited. I took of my high heels and yelled "Race you guys!". Of course I won. When i got up there, Sher pinned me to the ground and started to tickle me. "Sherlock, stop it", I managed to say in between giggles. Then John and Sam got up to where we were. The stopped at the scene and John laughed. "John, i swear when he stops tickling me, in gonna get you!", i threatned but it didnt come out scary 'cause of the laughs. "MIKEY GET HIM OFF OF ME!", I yelled for Mycroft. " "SHERLOCK HOLMES, GET OFF
Y/N THIS INSTANT!", Mikey laughed and yelled at the same time. Sher climbed off of me, still laughing, and I immediately ran to Mikey and he gave me a cuddle. He acted like one of the best big brothers ever. By the look on Sam's face, he thought Mikey was my boyfriend. Sherlock came trudging over and enveloped me in a hug as Mikey let me go. "I know you love me", he laughed. "You're lucky I do or i would've punched you, Sherlock Holmes. He winced jokingly at the sound of the name i gave him. "But yes, I do love you Sher", I replied. "That's better dear", he laughed and his lips locked with mine for a quick peck. "And you John?" I said. Sherlock snickered and passed me a slice of that blow up pizza thing. John immediately realised what was going to happen and he darted towards the sea. I took off my cover-up and heels and darted after him. I got knee-deep in the sea and couldnt find him. Next thing i knew i was being dragged down by John and he came up laughing. I came back up spitting up water laughing too. We both got on the slice and paddled it away. We got to shore and John carried the pizza slice back up. When he couldnt see, i grabbed a plastic bag and filled it with water, fish and starfish. I hid it behind my back and walked back up to where Sher and everyone else was. I made a shushing gesture to everyone, Sher took out the video camera as i crept up behind John who was talking to Sam. Sher was recording the whole thing and silently giggling. I dumped the contents of the bag onto Johns head and he turned around in disgust. Everyone burst out laughing including Sam. And then John started too. I handed him a towel and he took it and dried off. "Sorry, i forgot to ask, but who's this?", Sher pointed to Sam. "Oh sorry i forgot, Sam this is Sherlock, my boyfriend and Sher this is Sam, my first boyfriend and one of my best friends back in Florida", I said casually. "First boyfriend?", Sher questioned, his teeth clenching. "Yep", Sam replied. "Were you two serious?", he asked. "No not that serious, not like us", i said and kissed Sherlock's nose. "Okay dear", He smiled. Sher, Mikey, John, Sam and everyone sat down for the barbecue and my phone rang signalling a video-chat. I pulled it out. "Sher, John, Its Mrs Hudson!" I yelled. Mrs Hudson was amazing she was like another mother to me. They all smiled and Sam looked confused. I answered it.

Mrs Hudson: Y/N! Sherlock! John!

Y/N: Hey Mrs H.

J: Hey Mrs Hudson.

S: Ah Hudders!

She laughed.

Mrs Hudson: Y/N, honey, is he drunk?

Y/N: Nope

I laughed.

Mrs Hudson: Oh dear! Your Neck!

Y/N: What's happened? Whats wrong?

Mrs Hudon: Your locket! It's gorgeous!

Y/N: Aww thank you Mrs Hudson.

Mrs Hudson: Sherlock did you give her that?

S: Yes.

Mrs Hudson: Its lovely, sweetheart. Whos this lovely young man, John?

J: Mrs Hudson, how many times? I'm not gay!

Y/N: No this is Sam, my ex and one of my best friends.

Mrs Hudson: Hi dear.

Sam: Hello.

Mrs Hudson: Anyway, i better go. I need to go see someone.

S: Tell the baker I said hello.

Everyone looked at him.

Y/N: From me too and watch his wives!

Mrs Hudson: Oh you two and your bloody deductions! Bye!

We all said our goodbyes and turned off my phone. Now it was time for the barbecue...

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