Chapter One

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I dodge branches and trees as I run. Letting the harsh wind blow down my hood and not having time to pull it back up again. I clench the small bag in my hand, fearing that I might drop it and the palace guards will catch me. Trees and bushes fly past me as my pace quickens, the ocean coming into view makes my heart race. I run towards it, not taking my eyes off the destination. But my silly mistake causes me to trip over a tree root that clawed its way to the surface if the earth. I shot back up, still clenching the bag in my hand, and I begin running again, towards the ocean, towards safety, towards freedom... away from home.

I finally reach the docks and I look around at the different ships to find my escape route. Then I see it, a huge, beautiful ship with colours of red, blue, black and yellow linings. I can't help but stare in awe at it, it is truly beautiful. I suddenly snap back into reality when I remember why I am here. I sprint as fast as I can to the ship, not worrying about the Captain or crew, they'll be out drinking rum and singing pirate songs in the bar nearby.

I reach the stunning ship and hide behind a barrel just next to the entrance. I put my hood back up and poke my head around the barrel to make sure no one is on deck. Lucky, the coast is clear. I crouch and run onto the deck, hiding behind some more barels, most likely filled with rum. I spot a hatch on the wooden floor and go to run towards it, when I suddenly see something move out of the corner of my eye. I crouch back down and peep over to barrels to get a better view. A deck hand, and a plump one as well. He's wearing a red hat that flops over to one side. 'He must love that hat if he's wearing it on a ship like this', I think. I decide that hat will do the trick. I lift up my hand, staring at the hat, concentrating only on that floppy red hat . I clear my mind, the hat being the only think I am thinking about. I breath in and move my hand away from the man. The hat goes flying and the plump pirate chases after it, in the opposite direction to where I want to go. I can't help but smirk, and I run to the hatch in the deck. I open it and climb down a few steps before closing it again. I'm below deck now, and I run to the nearest door and grab a hair pin from my bun. I insert it into the lock, twisting and turning it until I hear a click. I put the pin back in my hair and open the door. A loud creak came from it and I screwed up my face hoping that deck hand didn't hear it.

I go inside and click the door shut, making sure it's locked. I look around and figure it's the Captain's chamber. I grin, knowing that this is where most of the jewls will be, and knowing that I have at least one hour to snatch some treasure and hide elsewhere. I put my bag down in the desk and begin to look around, in all the drawers to find jewellery worth stealing. I skim my eyes over the shelves, and something stood out. I walk over, holding out my hand to grab it. A beautiful, gold trinket, rather large, with some sort of lock on it. Something worthy must be inside, I fumble to try and open it, incase it is already unlocked, but it isn't. I start to look for a key, but then I heard something from above. And I begin to panic.

"Alright lads, time to set sail." The pirates are early, I've only been searching for fifteen minutes, why are the back so early? "Smee! You can handle the crew, I'll be back in a minute... I need to check something." He said in a thick accent.

I suddenly realise that it's the Captain, I hide behind the door to his chamber, ready to at least try and knock him out. I hear the lock click, and the door creak open. I froze, my mind is blank, I forgot what I was going to do. The door shut and I can see the outline of his face, I try to go deeper into the corner, but I can't. He lit a candle and looks at the shelf where the trinket was. "SHIT!" He shouts... really loud. I jump, not expecting that voice to scare me so much... I now realise what I've done. The Captain turns around and sees me, but not my face, my hood does a good job at covering that. He pulls out his sword and points it at me. "What are you doing on my ship, mate?". Before he could react, I ducked under his sword and pushed him away, trying to escape. But I'm not fast enough. He grabs my cloak and yanks it towards him, I stumble and fall on the ground and he lands on top of me, with his sword to me throat. My hood still manages to slightly shadow my face, so he can't really see my features. "Don't run, mate. You'll only die quicker." I can't help but get nervous, he's going to kill me.

He pulls my hood back and releases the sword from my throat a little. His eyes widen and his mouth drops. He furrows his eyebrows. "You're a... You're a woman!" He stumbles upon his words, and I smirk at the fact he called me a woman, I see he has some respect, which is rare for a pirate. Still smirking, I speak, "Yes, I am". And I hit him over the head with the trinket. He falls off of me and I get up and run above deck, which is probably the biggest mistake I've ever made. Someone grabs my arm. "Well, look at you, aren't you a pretty lass?" I try to get away, but his grip tightens. He drags me behind a sail, where it's deserted. I struggle. "I haven't had some fun in a while" He says, pushing me up against a pole. His face right up against mine as he speaks, his breath stinking of rum and something else much more foul. He forces his lips onto mine and I struggle to get away. His lips and tongue move to my chin and my neck. As he begins to unzip his trousers, I knee him where I know it'll hurt. He let go of me and shouts. I run from behind the sail so people can see me, but he catches up to me and grabs my wrist so forcefully, it turns me around to face him. I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my cheek. He raises his hand "You filthy whore" He spits, before striking me again. I fall to the floor, putting my hand to my stinging cheek which is warm with blood. "You shouldn't have done that." He crawls on top of me and puts his hands around my neck. I struggle underneath him, unable to breath. "How dare you, you bitch. I'm going to kill you. I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" I choke and flail my arms, trying to get him off me. But I can't, he's too strong. He tightens his grip around my neck and I can't breathe anymore. My hands drop, I feel faint and dizzy. I close my eyes...


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