Chapter Ten

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[Chapter Ten]

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[Chapter Ten]

Ringo wasn't sure if it was the relief that he had actually survived long enough to see the day where he could go to school or the relief that he would hopefully be able to sit alone upon the train. The night before had been a moment where his walls had crumbled down for several moments of time as he could no longer repress everything.All the horrible memories of his past when he was Matthew Dabney came flooding back and he was suddenly overwhelmed when he had been at the kitchen table. He knew very well that Vivian was trying to help him, even if he didn't fully trust her, she didn't give him a reason for him to think that she was going to try and hurt him anytime soon.

After she found him hiding under his bed and coaxed him out, the woman allowed him to cry on her shoulder until he fell asleep. She didn't have to do such a thing for him, she could have easily allowed him to spend the rest of the night under the bed. He didn't expect any sort of kindness from the woman after he had lashed out at her, but Vivian was set out to prove that she was different from all the rest that he had encountered.

Walking out of his bedroom the next morning, there was a breakfast set out for him that Vivian knew he would eat and in the fashion that he could tolerate it. The foods were not touching and everything was kept completely basic with the silverware set out beside it. Vivian was not out in the kitchen when he came out, but he heard her back in her bedroom, probably getting ready. He knew he had to get ready himself as he was leaving that morning. 

Not really feeling all that hungry, Ringo did force himself to eat something as he did see the effort that Vivian had put into the meal by keeping all of his foods from touching. He could show her a bit of appreciation by eating something. After clearing half of the plate, he made his way back to his bedroom to grab some of his clothing to take a shower. He was walking down the hall when he nearly crashed into Vivian as she was coming out of her bedroom.

"Oh! You're awake," She smiled. "Did you see that I set out breakfast for you?"

He nodded quietly.

"Did you eat any of it?" 

He nodded once more.

"Good," Vivian said with a small sigh of relief of her own. "I'm glad. Well, why don't you go and get ready and we'll head to King's Cross. I'll double-check your trunk to make sure that you have everything you'll need for the term."


Vivian had a million different types of soaps, shampoos and conditioners that Ringo was certain she had every flowery fragrance that existed in a bottle. There was one that thoroughly enjoyed though, not that he would tell anyone. But he really enjoyed the smell of the honeysuckle shampoo. It was the only bottle that wasn't opened or used when he first arrived and he took advantage of using it. The scent relaxed his mind and body, which was exactly what Ringo needed that day.

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