Chapter 10

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2 weeks later

>Ronnie get up already!! We are supposed to leave for the studio in 15 minutes.< I hear Jack yell at me. I quickly jump out of my bed and run to the Bathroom, quickly getting ready and dressed into some ripped Dungarees and a Calvin Klein Bralete underneath. I walk to my desk and put my camera, wallet, keys and phone into my bag and walk downstairs to see Jack waiting by the door for me.

We get into his car and drive off to the Studio. Let me fill you in on what happened in the last two weeks. The night I left the tour I went home for two days and packed my things to leave. While on tour I sent out an application for photography and I got the job. So that night I left for Sydney. My cousin Jack took me and yes he knows why I left and what's been going on. Simon called me the day after I left and we talked for 4 hours and we are okay again and I talk with him everyday if it's possible just like the other members of Don Broco. 5 Seconds of Summer have tried to contact me as well but I ignored them except for Michael. I answered his first call and told him to not worry about me and that I'm fine and that I can't have contact with him or the others because I know their friends with Calum and it hurts me too much then I never spoke to him again. I still follow them on Social Media and since they don't know my accounts it's okay. I sometimes check to see if everything is okay but that's it.

I now work for an Agency that gets mostly booked to take photos at Festivals or Concerts or just Events in Genereal and lucky for me Jack works there too, well he owns the Agency. I am quiet happy with my job and with living in Sydney. So yeah that was about it. Calum never tried to contact me if that's what you wanted to know, anyway I gotta go now

Jack and I arrive at the studio just in time. The clients arrive 10 minutes after us and guess who walked in. If you guessed 5SOS then you are wrong since they are in America right now and are only coming back to Australia in 2 months. No the TeenWolf Cast just walked in for their photoshoot. I took the photos for 3 hours and talked them through the photos and everything, still feeling insecure about my photography but in the end they said that the loved them so that it a bit better.

For the rest of the Day I did office work and edited Photos I took when I was still on tour. I miss traveling but it's for the best this way. I was so into the work that I didn't even know that Jack was standing behind me. We are done for the Day. I know my Day sounds extremely boring but it gets more excited and interesting when I get booked for a Event.

When we get back home I see that there is a DVD laying on the floor with my name on it. I raise an eyebrow and grab it. I sit on the couch in the living room, grab my laptop and put the DVD in. The first thing I see is Luke, Ashton, Michael, Calum and I running around Zurich just having fun and laughing way too much. The DVD is filled with Videos and Photos of me and the Boys. In the middle of it I feel two arms hugging me from behind because I was crying so much. At the end of the DVD each boy tells me some favorite memory or just shit that we did but what really broke my heart was when Michael started to tell me how much he missed me and started crying. I was the reason for a crying Michael I hate myself for it. I miss these Boys so much and this breaks my heart into a million pieces. I never felt so bad in my entire life.

I go up to my room and lay on my bed just thinking and crying my heart out. How dumb was I to stop talking to Luke, Ashton and Michael especialy Michael just because of Calum. I open the Twitter App on my Phone and check the Trends. The number one trend is #WhereIsRonnieD and when I click on it I see thousand tweets about me. I decide to finally tweet something.

@RonnieMarieDelaney: I've never been proud of you in my life @Michael5SOS @Luke5SOS @Ashton5SOS @Calum5SOS <3 you don't need me to be there to be the best #WhereIsRonnieD

I tweet this and turn off my phone. I look at my clock and see that it's already 10pm. I change into my pyjama, turn the light off and get in my bed. I was just about to drift of to sleep when I see my phone constanly lighting up. I check it to see that everyone was tweeting the Boys that they found me. I guess my plan of staying unnoticed failed but deep down I was hoping that they notice me. With that in my mind I fall asleep.

This is such a short Chapter but I thought it's acceptable sometime. I personally think this Chapter is a bit lame but that's what Chapters you write at 3am might be. Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing this. Sanny x

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