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so this is my first official story. I hope you like it.
I heard my phone ring which actually woke me up from my sleep, I abandoned it at first but then it Kept ringing so I picked it
"hello "
"sorry please is this Mr Dwayne Marshall "
"yeah who's this "

"we need you to be at your father's company now "

"what why "

"it's urgent " I heard the voice say as he dismissed the call.

What was so important about dad that they had to wake me up before my actual time saying its urgent. I got into the shower as the Water pouring on me sent thrills to my body, I hurried out had breakfast and left for dads office.

On getting there I got into the office and a young man heading towards me
"Mr Marshall "
"yeah that's me "

He stretched his hands pointing
An office door

"we may talk in there he said "
As I followed him into the office on getting there we both sat down and he began to talk.
"well your father is so ill right now and cannot really speak but well he passed an information that says that you have to get married before getting the company ".
"why "

"because you actually have not shown any interest in the company, while we have shareholders in this company who are supposed to be given that position "

"why is that even possible it's my father's company "

"your right but it doesn't matter, we want someone who we know can put in diligence in this work"

"what do you mean "
"am trying to tell you that you can only have this company if you get married "

"what "
Marriage no not now I wasn't ready for kids or a wife I don't even have a woman in my life right now, how is that even possible I just starred at him totally confused.

I just hope y'all enjoyed it don't forget to vote comment goodnight everyone. 😍😍😍

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