Trapped on a tour bus with BTR part 10

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I was sitting backstage when the guys were performing. They didn’t told the fans about Logan yet cuz they wanna keep it for the end so that they still can have fun by doing their things. I missed the guy that was doing his thing on stage cuz now there wasn’t someone that doing something wrong cuz that was Logan and I kind of miss that on stage.

I was watching and listening to the guys when I heard someone calling me. I stood up and looked around but there wasn’t someone that needed me but I was sure someone called my name. I turned around back to the stage.

Again I heard my name but still there was nobody that needed me so I decided to go outside. I walked outside and saw no one familiar. I turned around to go back inside but again I heard my name but I didn’t saw the person that was calling my name.

Chloe: “Okay if you’re calling me and need me then show yourself, please! I don’t-“

Somebody cutting me of by putting his hands on my mouth and pulling me after the corner.

?: “Sssst, be quiet.”

Chloe: “You… were you… that guy that… pulled…”

?: “It was me.”

Chloe: But… but… Lo… Logan, you were death.”

Logan: “yeah long story but I make it short. When the machines start beeping at the hospital they all thought I was death but I wasn’t. My heart was still beating, really slowly but I was still alive only the machines didn’t fell it anymore but I was never death. When I was coming this way I woke up so they brought me to the hospital here in Dallas.”

Chloe: “I… I… I am so happy, I cried so much for you and… WAIT the guys are gonna tell it to the world that you’re death but now you aren’t we… we have to stop them.”

I took Logan’s hand and we start running to the stage.


We just stopped singing and were about to tell everyone about Logan, this was too hard for me but I kept myself strong.

James: “It’s hard to say but we can’t lie and we need to say this.”

At that moment I saw Chloe running on stage and went to her.

Kendall: “Chloe what are you doing?”

Chloe: “Lo… Logan isn’t death.”

Kendall: “We all miss him but you don’t have to imagine him still alive, you have to forget him.”

Chloe: “But… I show you”

Chloe took my hand and pulled me off stage and Carlos and James followed. When we turned around I saw him. Logan was standing in front of me. How was this possible?

Kendall: “How?”

Logan explained everything to us what happened with him. He was never death. I can’t believe but he was still with us.


After I told everything to the guys they went back on stage to finish the concert but I was still too weak to go on stage now so I went with Chloe to the bus.

Chloe: “You have no idea how happy I am”

Logan: “And you have no idea how happy I am to see you again.”

Chloe: “I can’t thank you enough for risking your life to save me.”

Logan: “I… did… I did that cuz… cuz I… I love you.”

Chloe: “I… I love you… too”


There was an awkward silent but not one minute later Carlos, Kendall and James came in and ruined my moment with Logan.

Kendall: “Sorry for ruining the moment”

Now everything was going well again and Logan that’s back. Now we are going to the last venue. Wait the last venue?

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