Ch 21: You First

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Gizmo POV:

The fool was still here, I could hear him walking around as I pinned up my hair in the morning.

Well. There goes my hope of his leaving me alone for the span of forever.

I brushed on my powders and lip stain, staring at myself in the mirror, the dark shadows of bronze and black brightening my otherwise dead eyes.

I looked more drained of energy than usual.

Having your entire life exposed and turned around will do that to a woman I suppose.

I peered at the closed door again.

Perhaps I should leave through the window to give him a good fright for staying without my permission.But that would just cause him to be more of annoyance. I dressed as quickly as one could and left the room.


He was drinking my tea.

My brow twitched in slight annoyance, "you are still here."

He nodded, looking me over strangely, "good morning to you as well gizmo. Post is here."

I stared blankly at him, "you give the post man a letter for your master?"

He didnt say anything for a long moment, still staring at me with that odd look in his eyes, "You could say that yes, I know this is not what you want dear but it is what i need to do."

I hummed at him, "And I suppose you are going to try and get me to follow you to whatever drab place this person is waiting for me?"

"you would be correct."

"And what is it this stranger wants with me?"

He didnt answer me, just looked away finally.

"Ah right you were just hired to find a girl and like an utter idiot never asked why."

"You said why was a stupid question."

"For motives, not for desire. desire is a complex and fascinating, motives are stupid excuses an otherwise proper person makes for their actions. I don't care why he wants me, i simply wonder why."

he rose a brow, "that makes absolutely no sense."

"Because you are much less intelligent than I."

"I do think that you are beginning to get a big head Gizmo dear."

I pursed my lips, "shall I chop off a mans hand at let you fix it? or perhaps we can fake your death for a good few years and see how well you do."

"Touche. but there is much more to intelligence than manipulation and machinery."

" there the word of god?"

"No. Much like you I do not find myself believing in god."

I hummed seating myself on the table near the chair he sat upon. "You do not believe the word of an all mighty being but one of a man who hunts for young girls?"

He shrugged, "I don't believe anything can be all mighty but i believe in my fellow mans ability to pay me."

My lip twitched slights in a slight smirk.

Perhaps i should have continued what i started last night. This one was certainly an interesting example of a man. "Selling yourself off like that mr Blythe how scandalous."

"Once a whore always a whore miss Gladstone."

It was strange to hear someone call me that after so long, "its Gizmo, you know that."

"Its Killian, you my dear know that."

"You really spent four years hunting for a girl without knowing why?"

"the pay is good."

That much was obvious by his wealth but i doubted it was all accumulated from his chasing down one simple girl, besides Mr Blythe and i tend to lie to one another, "is that all?"

"Yes. It is."

"Pitty. The truth with take you much further than your pretty face from this point onwards."

He chuckled lowly, "my pretty face as you put it helped bring me to you."

"Yes. But now you reached me and I am no fool who will dance for a smile. Charm can only take you so far and I find it quite boring. Drop that silly little act you show the world and show your cards."

His eyes met mine in a colder green than I have seen before, his gaze turning into that of a predictors.  His lips curled into a smirk of his own as he looked me over, "you first dear."

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