Chapter 11

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Wendy's POV
School ended yet I'm still here, in detention with them 2.

Why does it have to be Suga and Why am I in the stupid mess. I'm trying to forget about him yet this bastard is everywhere.

Ms.Kim walks into the room.

"Alright you guys have 1 hour detention because this fight is a big issue. I'll be locking both doors so don't think you can skip detention. Also give me your phones. I wanna make sure you guys don't do go on your phones while your in here."

We all hang in our phones and she leaves with them. She locks the door and walks away.

5 minutes past and it felt like an hour.
It's silent, all you hear is the clock ticking.

I decide to just finish my homework.

40 minutes pass.

Still no sound. Ms.Kim didn't come back yet.

10 minutes pass.

Ms. Kim is still not here. There's only 5 more minutes till detention is over, you would think she'd be here by now.

15 minutes pass. She's not fucking here, she's 10 minutes late.

Ms.Kim's POV
Oh, their detention is almost over. I should get ready to go.

Wait who is he.

He's wearing a white t shirt and timberlands.
He's good looking, and looks like a new teacher? I wasn't told we have a new teacher.

"You, with the white t-shirt what are you doing here."

"I'm a new teacher, my name is Mr.Jeon but you can call me jungkook. Who are you?"

"I'm a teacher here, I go by Ms.Kim but call me Yeri."

"Yeri, it's cute and do you mind helping me to get to know the school better"

"Of course."

Omg this guy is such a cutie. Totally my style 👌🏼. Was I suppose to do something? I'll just remember later.

"Do you wanna grab coffee and I can tell you about the students and teachers? Mr.Jeo- Jungkook"


Wendy's POV

Taehyung and Suga both stare at me like I've gone mad.

"Just relax we can just call- fuck she took our phones"

No shit Taehyung.

We all decided to just wait, but it's been hours it's dark and we're stuck here.

Don't tell me I have
To stay with these
Two   overnight
At school

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