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Fly {Kingdom Hearts Sora x Reader Lemon}

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After your little concert you walked out of the teenage run café. The crowd was hysterical. They were cheering, singing and flooding the stage as to give their own version of the song. Only a handful didn't participate in the celebrations. No, this small group chased after you to ask if all that was serious. You merely smiled and pointed to a livid Roxas about to go head on with Riku. This was enough of an answer as they all ran back to see the potential fight.

"...Kick his ass, Roxas." You started laughing to yourself.

You didn't really know where you were going to go but that didn't stop you. Your feet just kept moving down the strip. The euphoric high from before was trickling out of you with each step like sand in an hourglass. It wasn't until you were lost around the middle of downtown that the weight of what just happened hit you. Riku cheated on you and you were single now.

Consequently you passed the same Coldstone that started it all. Looking in the window there was another couple in the exact same spot you found Riku. The guy looked wore out with his hyperactive girlfriend flitting about. Even the cashier looked tired with her energy. Though, the boyfriend seemed completely fine with it. Tired yes, but fine. Almost as if he enjoyed it. Your lip quivered.

"Damn..." Your shoulders hunched over and you moseyed your way away from it. You weren't going to cry, but you were defiantly hurt. There was a small tear where your heart was and you rubbed your chest, hoping to stop the bleeding.

'Cheating fuck...'

It was getting late. Your phone was vibrating nonstop a while ago but you didn't acknowledge it. You were even half tempted to leave your phone on the bench you'd been sitting on at the time. You cleared all the messages without looking at them. You knew who it was. It was much too obvious. And even if it wasn't him, you still didn't want to talk to anyone anyway. You didn't realize you managed to make your way back around your house. All the lights were off. Your mom and brother weren't home yet.

You turned away from it not wanting to go in. It'd be lonely in that house. A symbolism as to what would come and you didn't need now. You forced your eyes away and eventually gazed over to the tire swing in your front yard. Almost instantly it brought a smile over your face. Sora and you made that when you were eight. It collapsed the moment you both got on it and you had to ask your father to help you. The memory warmed the tear in your heart. Sora. The sweetheart.

"Oh..." You wiped away the tear the fell down your face. He was such a good friend. You felt sorry for his role in what all happened today. He never did anything harmful to anyone. He certainly didn't deserve any of the pain that happened today. Poor thing...

'I should go see him...'

He lived five blocks down. He should have been home by now. Even if you were both hurt in the situation at hand, it's still a good sign to extend a hand.

A vibrating sensation came from your hip for the thousandth time that day and you ripped your phone out your pocket. Couldn't Riku take a fucking hint?! Just when you were about to pitch your phone across the lawn the caller ID caught your attention. It was Sora!

"Oh!" You fumbled with the device and eventually got it to your ear, "H-Hello?"

"You okay?" His voice was weak. You smiled. How ironic.

"Yeah. How are you? You looked worse off than what I did." You laughed half-heartedly.

An amused breath came through the phone, "I'm alright. Roxas and Axel flipped out after you left. Scared half the group. I told everyone Roxas is scary when he's pissed, even if he looks docile most the time."

You laughed again, this time with more emotion. He was doing his best. You wanted to hug him for it, "I know, I've bear witness to such horror before."

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