Chapter 7

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I woke up at around 12pm and I realized that we stopped and none of the lads are in their bunks. I grab my short flower dress and my brown heeled gladiator sandals and walk into the bathroom to get ready. After I brushed my teeth, took a shower, put makeup, got dressed and styled my hair I walked back to my bunk. I quickly grab my crossbody and my phone and walk to the kitchen where I left my camera and laptop last night.

When I walk into the kitch I see five Boys crowding around my laptop and three on the couch on their phones. Rob, Matt and Tom are on their phones so their not around my laptop. My eyes widen when I realize Si and 5 Seconds of Summer are looking at my laptop. I quickly squeeze through the boys and shut my laptop.

>What are you doing with my laptop?< I ask my Brother with a raised eyebrow.

>I was just showing them the photos you took.< He says with a shrug. My eyes widen. How dare he? He knows I'm quite insecure about my photography and he shows it to some Boys. I grab my laptop and the camera that was laying beside it and walk to the back of the bus, where there is a lounge kinda room. I sit down on the couch and put my  head in my hands, takin deep breaths to calm myself down.

Calum's POV

The Boys and I decided to visit the Don Broco lads since we just arrived at the Venue in Amsterdam. We are sitting in their tour bus right now just chatting with each other when I see a picture of me on the laptop that is laying on the kitchen table.

>Why do you guys have a picture of me on your laptop?< I ask the Don Broco boys as they raise their eyebrows at me. I nod to the laptop.

>Ah that. That's Ronnie's Laptop not ours.< Matt looks at it and laughs. I raise an eyebrow and look at the laptop again. It was a picture of me at one of our shows but I guess it was yesterday since I wore the same outfit.

>She took this yesterday with loads of others. Do you want to see them?< Simon asked the Boys and I while standing up and walking to the laptop. Luke, Ash, Mikey and I follow him and stand around the laptop just looking at all the amazing pictures Ronnie took. She really is talented.

>Ronnie is going to kill me if she finds out I'm showing you these. She is extremely insecure about her photography.< Simon scrolls through the pictures, showing us the pictures of the sightseeing tour when suddenly the Laptop is slapped closed and Ronnie stands there with a raised eyebrow.

>What are you doing with my laptop?< She looks at her Brother, waiting for an explaination.

>I was just showing them the photos you took.< He looks at his younger sister and shrugs. Her eyes widen while she grabs her laptop and camera and walks to the back of the bus not saying a word.

The Boys and I look at each other when suddenly all eyes are fixed on me.

>What?< I look at the boys with a raised eyebrow.

>Go talk to her Cal.< Michael smirked at me while Luke and Ashton nod.

>Why me? She is not my sister. I think Simon should talk to her.< I point at Simon who is still sitting at the table watching us.

>All hell will break loose if I go. I don't want to fight with her. Come on Mate talk to her.< Si stands up, comes towards me and pushes me to the closed door at the end of the bus. I turn around to protest but Si was already gone. I sigh, gently knock on the door and open the door to see Ronnie sitting on the couch with her head in her hands.

>Are you okay?< I ask while sitting beside her and putting my hand on her shoulder. When I she looks up at me I forget to breath for a second. She has these extremely beautiful brown eyes which take away your breath.

Ronnie's POV

I hear a soft knock and the door opening. Suddenly someone sits beside me and puts his hand on my shoulder. I was just about to scream at Simon when I hear a gentle voice.

>Are you okay?< I look up to see Calum staring at me and I can't help but fall in love with his eyes even more. I nod, unable to speak and keep staring at him. How can someone be so beauiful?

>Why do you not want us to see the Photos?< He asks slowly as if expects me to scream at him.

>They are my escape. I only take these as a hobby and since it's only a hobby they're not that great. Si always tries to get me to do this as a job. Rob, Matt and Tom do as well so I stopped showing anyone my photos. I mean I absolutely love photography don't get me wrong, but it just gets annoying when you get told the same thing over and over.< I look at the floor and play with my fingers.

>I understand you but to be honest the few I saw are amazing. If you're unsure about your photos I could ask Jon to look at them and maybe help you with Photography.< I look up at Calum with a smile and he smiles back at me.

>Really?< I ask with excitment clear in my voice and my smile only gets bigger when he nods. I squeal and throw myself on him and hug the life out of him. Since he didn't expect me to jump on him we fall on the floor but I keep hugging him when he finally returns the hug. When I look at him I realize that our faces are inches away. I got lost in his eyes and I can't help but stare at him. We stare at each other for what feels like hours but were only minutes when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

I snap out of it and move to sit beside him while I blush and bite my lip. He clears his throat and sits up as well when the door opens. Michael stands there looking at my blushing face and then starts to smirk.

>Cal mate we need to do Soundcheck.< Michael says to his friend while still smirking. I stand up and turn to grab my Laptop and Camera just so Michael can't see my blushing face anymore. I hear the two leave and the door close. I throw myself on the couch and press my face into the cushion when suddenly the door opened again but I don't bother to see who it is.

>Ronnie what are you doing? Are you okay?< I hear Rob say but I don't answer. Why do I crush on people so fast? What is wrong with me?

Uh Ronnie is already crushing on Calum. What do you think? Will it happen or not? And what will their ship name be?
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