New mission, New way to die Part-1

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***MI6 headquarters***

All things seemed to be going in a hurry today at the Royal and Generals bank also the headquarters of MI6, but to Kate it was perfectly normal. Kate was running through the halls already late for the meeting she was suppose to be in 10 minutes ago. Kate slowed down as she neared a door all too familiar, it was the door which led to the meeting room of the MI6. She had been to the headquarters of MI6 on several occasions but never had been this nervous.

Yes, Kate nervous, those were two very different words Kate has never been nervous in her whole life. The reason Kate was nervous was that in the room there were the head of the MI6, ASIS, her father, there second in command and two of there best agents. She wiped the sweat off her face with a handkerchief, then smoothed her beautiful dress took out a makeup box with a mirror out of her pocket, the pocket couldn't be seen unless looking really closely. She checked her face quickly and put her makeup box back in her hidden pocket.
She took a deep breath and knocked on the door twice and opened the door.

Kate almost sighed in relief , realising she was not the only one late. She looked at the people in front of her calmly but inside her heart was jumping with nervousness. She walked towards a chair just beside her father (her father is also known as the head of CIA).  In the room everyone seemed to be very serous. She looked around the room finally noticing that there were two other teenager in the room too.

There was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair which was tied tightly to the back of her head by a rubber band, she had  blue eyes that when looked at gave you the feeling that you shouldn't mess with her. Kate felt ashamed looking at her because she wasn't wearing any makeup and still looked amazingly beautiful. When she looked at the boy it seemed that her heart has stopped working. He was ,like the girl ,amazingly handsome he had short blonde hair that could have been mistaken for silk. His eyes were blue but when you look at them from the side you may mistake them for green. His mouth was turned into a scowl as he looked at her.

Suddenly the door burst open, Kate's eyes left the boy and focused on the door. Two teenagers, one was a boy and one was a girl. They both might have looked beautiful to Kate a few minutes ago, but now to her they were just some normal ugly teenagers. They entered the room not even looking like they regretted being late. Then slowly Kate realized that she recognized them they were the son and daughter of the head of ASIS & MI6. She had only met them once and she had hated them from that day.

The girl's name was Ashley and the boy was Mark. They were part of the CCP (Cute Cool Popular) in there school. They both walked slowly and walked towards the chair beside there father. Ashley being the daughter  of the head of MI6 sat right beside the really handsome boy and fluttered her eyelashes , at which the boy rolled his eyes and the blonde girl glared. And believe it or not you don't want to be on the receiving end of her glares the way her beautiful blue eyes turned grey like when there is going to be a storm.

"So... Blunt if you can," Kate's dad started gesturing for them to start the meeting.
"Of course," the head of MI6 said his eyes met his assistant Mrs. Jones.
Mrs. Jones stood up slowly and started ,"Some of you might be wondering who they are", she smiled kindly at the really handsome boy and the really beautiful girl. The boy took it as a queue to start introducing himself  ,"My name is Alex"
"Sarah,"the blonde girl said...

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