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I made sure that Dahyun safely entered the JYP Entertainment building before I went off.

I called my manager and told him where to pick me up. He came after 15 minutes.

At the car ride, I texted Dahyun that I'm on my way back to our dorms. She told me to take care and to rest well.

I smiled and replied, "You take care too. I'll see you soon."

I was thinking if I should put a heart emoji but I'm afraid that she might make fun of my cheesiness, so I decided to just put a smiling emoji instead.

I caught my manager stealing glances at me and my phone. He immediately looked away but I can feel that he wants me to tell him something.

I pocketed my phone and cleared my throat.

"I'll tell it to you when the right time comes. But for now, let me give you the assurance that this won't affect my career."

He just nodded his head. And I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

It was already 9 in the evening when we reached the dorms. I bade goodbye to my manager and went inside.

"I assumed that you and Dahyun are okay now?" Jin hyung greeted me as soon as I stepped foot inside our dorm.

I took my shoes off and saw the big grins plastered on their faces.

I smiled and nodded.

They made a loud and cheering noise that made me laughed.

"Well, that's good to know." Namjoon hyung said as he patted my back.

"So, when's the marriage?" Hoseok asked.

And that question made me stop.

Thinking about it, me and Dahyun haven't made any plans for our wedding, neither our parents.

I looked at them, and saw how they anticipate the answer to Hoseok's question.

"Uhh... me and Dahyun haven't talk about it yet... since you know... she's busy with SIXTEEN... while I'm busy too... our schedules are hectic, right?" I reasoned out, letting out a very awkward laugh.

It's a relief they just nodded their heads, which means that they at least understand what I mean. I just wish none of them will ask further questions.

"What? Still no plans? I thought this is an arranged marriage?"

Guess I was wrong.

I turned on my side and saw Jimin leaning on the wall while his arms are folded on his chest, giving me a disbelief look.

"Like I said, me and Dahyun are both busy right now -- "

Jimin scoffed. "But I thought it's an arranged marriage. Wasn't it planned already?"

I can't help but get annoyed at his question. Why can't he understand that me and Dahyun are busy?

Jimin walked on the kitchen counter and grabbed some drink. "Or maybe... it's not really an arranged marriage? Maybe... you just planned everything by yourself... or more like, assumed things?"

Seriously, what's wrong with Jimin?

Ever since the incident at the Mnet building, he started acting like this.

I remembered that he also confessed that he likes Dahyun, but it's impossible that he will go this far to argue with me just because of that simple "liking."

Like I said before, Jimin is not the type of guy who easily falls in love with a girl he just met.

Heck, I even doubt that he already met Dahyun in person.

"Arranged or not, me and Dahyun will get married." That's all I said  then I walked away and went inside my room.

But before I close the door, Jimin said something that really boiled my blood.

"You don't own Dahyun, so stop deciding things for her."

I faced him. "I don't know what's wrong with you, but let me tell you this... Me and Dahyun like each other. I didn't force her to marry me. The idea was mine and she gladly accepted my offer."

"Like?" Jimin chuckled. "So, it's not that serious, huh? Those three words haven't been said... so I guess... I still stand a chance to say it to her."

What the hell?

"Jimin, what are you saying?" Suga hyung asked.

"I like Kim Dahyun. And I think sooner or later, I might fall in love with her."

"Jimin, stop." That's Namjoon hyung. "She and Jungkook are already dating."

"We never know if they really are dating or Jungkook just planned it too."

That's it.

I stormed at Jimin's direction and grabbed him by the collar. "I didn't plan anything! I like Dahyun and she likes me too! I didn't force her to date nor like me! So you better shut your mouth before I forget that your older than me." I said while gritting my teeth.

We glared at each other before the others break us apart.

"Stop this." Namjoon hyung said in a warning tone. "We are a group, we should not fight. We are brothers."

"He started it!" I pointed at Jimin.

He just rolled his eyes at me before he pulled away from Suga hyung and Hoseok's hold.

"I will not be like this if I didn't saw her crying that day." Jimin said, then he glared at me. "You said that you like her. But what did you do? You made her cry. You avoided her. You got mad at her just because she's a JYP trainee? Is that how you show love?"

My eyes widened for what he said.

So... he saw Dahyun that time...

So... he already met her...

Jimin shook his head. "When I saw her crying that time, I made a promise to myself that I will not forgive whoever the reason of her tears. And knowing that it was you, I can't help but get pissed. And I got even more pissed because of your very lame reason."

Jimin approached me.

I swear, right at that moment, I can't help but feel scared at him.

I can't imagine losing Dahyun.

I can't imagine seeing Dahyun with another guy.

Heck, I can't imagine her being with Jimin.

"Do whatever you want, but I will not let go of Dahyun." I said with a serious tone. "I don't care if she don't love me. What matters is that I love her and that I will do everything to make her happy. Yes, I admit that I made her cry once, but just like you, after seeing her crying, I made a promise to myself that I will not do that again. And that's why, I immediately made a move to talk to her, to make up to her, to see her." I looked at Jimin straight in the eye. "I love Dahyun. I will marry her. You might be my rival, but for me, you are still my brother I look up to."

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