Chapter 46

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(Damien POV)

Some Might Not Agree With What Happened Between Me And Tay. But She Deserved That Shit. Ain't Nobody Gone Miss Her Anyways She Ain't Had Nobody. But That's All Behind Me.

"Yoo What We Gone Do Bout This New Cat?" Laylow Asked Me As We Rolled Up On The Block.

Lately There Been Some New Dude On This Block Interrupting My Business. Word Is He A Has Been But Still A Big Dog. I Had To Come Check It Out.

"CHICO!" I Called As I Rolled Up On One Of The Curbs.

Chico Was The Little Boy Of The Block. Been Since The Age Of 7 Now He's 13.. He Was The One Who Knew About Everybody And Knew Everybody. Just Like Everybody Knew Him And Watched Out For Him.

"Wassup Damien... Keith" He Said Coming To Car.

"Now I Told You Its Laylow" Laylow Said To Him.

Laylow Hated When Chico Approached Him On A First Name Basis. But Chico Didn't Care Cause That's How He Is.

"And Your Old Lady Named You Keith" Chico Said.

I Just Chuckled Cause These Two Always Going At It.

"Just Tell Us Where That Nigga At" Laylow Told Chico.

"Court On West Block" Chico Said.

"Ight" I Said As I Pulled Out My Bundle Of Cash. "Here Take Care Of Yourself" I Told Him As Handed Him A Couple Hundreds.
"No Problem" He Said. "Thanks" He Added.

I Drove To The West Side Basketball Court. Famous For Its Street Games.

Me And Laylow Hopped Out And Approached The Guys Who Were On The Court. Some Was Chilling And Others Were Playing Ball. I Didn't Know Most Of The Guys Except For The Ones I Or The Corner Boys Sold To.

"Wassup Damien Come To Play Some Ball?" One Asked.

"Nawl He Came To Lose Some Money" Another Said.

"Nawl" I Said. "I'm Looking For The One They Call Rell" I Said.

These Men Know I Don't Play Games. I Come Straight Out. All The Men Got Silent, All The Ball Playing Ceased And All Eyes Were On Me.

"You Sure That's Who You Need?" One Dude Asked.

"You Speak English Don't You?" I Asked Him.

"Yeah I Speak English" He Said With A Chuckle. "But You Ain't Speaking English Homie... Cause People With Sense Don't Ask For Big Dogs Like Rell" He Added.

"Well I Guest I'm Senseless Than Cause I'm Looking For Rell" I Told Him. I Was Really Getting Impatient I Felt Like These Guys Were Playing Me.

"You Got Some Nerve Coming Around Here Asking For The One They Call Rell" Another Dude Said As He Mimicked What I Previously Said As A Joke.

"You Think I'm Somebody To Play With?" I Asked Him As I Approached Closer.

"Well I Ain't Somebody To Ask For" He Said As He Got Off The Bench.

"So Your Rell Huh?" I Asked But It Was More Of Me Saying It.

"In The Flesh..." He Said With A Smirk On His Face. This Dude Must This Whole Thing Is A Joke.

"So Your The Nigga That Been Disrupting My Business" I Said As I Stepped To His Face.

His Homeboys Was Ready To Pull Out Their Glocks. I Can Tell Cause Their Posture Said It All. But I Wasn't Scared.

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