"Now You Sure You Don't Want Nothing... This Right Here Is The Shit" Rell Said.

"Fix Me A Glass" I Told Him.

"Coming Right Up.." He Said As He Mixed My Drink.

"By The Way How'd You Get Up In Here?" I Asked Him As He Slide My Drink Over. "Were You Been Here?" I Also Asked.

"You Know How I Do It... I Came In Threw The Back Window After Traveling Under Danny's Car" He Joked.

"Whatever Man" I Told Him As I Sipped The Drink.

"Tay Gave Me A Key" He Added.

"Oh" I Said. "By The Way This Good" I Told Him Referring To The Drink.

"I Know Right" He Said. "That's Why You Would've Missed Out If You Said No" He Added.

"I Assume You've Heard About Tay" I Told Him As I Broke The Silence.

"Yeah... Jaayden Told Me" He Said. "Though I Love My Sister Dearly And I'll Lay A Body Down Bout Her..." He Told Me. "I Rather Wait Till She Wakes Up So She Can Deal With Him Then I'll Officially Handle Him" He Added.

"Glad To Know We On The Same Page" I Told Him.


After Talking To Rell And Catching Up. Soon After The Kids Came Around Wanting Me To See Their Rooms And Toys... Just Know Instead Of 2 Suitcases And A Few Toys I Ended Up Leaving With 2 More Filled With Toys And Stuffed Animals.

"You Know I Was Getting Ready To Send Teddy To Come Get You" Tion Told Me As I Entered The Room.

"Really?" I Asked As I Went Over And Gave Her A Hug.

"Yup" TD Said As He Came Into The Room... Out The Bathroom. "You Know You Bad With Direction" He Added.

"Never Been" I Said Clapping Him Up. "Now We Both Know You Know You Couldnt Follow Directions Even If You Had Written Instructions" I Told Him.

The Kids Came In And Hugged Tion Then Teddy After That They Went Over And Observed The Babies.

Twins. Wow Either Me And TD Blessed Or Tay And Tion Are. I Think Me And TD Are.

"By The Way Guest Who I Found?" I Said.

"Who?" TD Asked Me.

"Rell" I Called And Open Was Tion's Eyes She Got Up And Gave Rell A Huge Hug.

"Hey Ma" He Said After Placing Her Down.

"I Cant Believe It" Tion Said.

"Well Believe It T... I'm Here To Stay" He Told Her.

"Glad To Know" Tion Said.

"Little Pooh Bear That You?" Rell Asked TD As He Approached Him.

"Yes Tyrell Its Me" TD Told Him. "And Nigga I Ain't Little" He Told Rell As They Clapped Up And Greeted Each Other.

"I Can't See That" Rell Said. "And These Good Looking Babies... Where The Poppa?" He Asked Tion As He Looked At Kai And Kaamar.

"Now You Can't Say They Don't Look Like Me?" TD Said As He Went And Stood Next To Rell.

"No" Rell Said In Disbelief. "Gemini?" He Asked Me As He Looked At Me.

"Yup" I Said.

"T Really?" He Asked Tion.

"Thats Me" She Said With A Huge Smile On Her Face.

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