Chapter 45

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(Gemini POV)

Before Going To The Hospital I Had To Make A Quick Stop To Tays House And Get Some More Stuff For The Kids... And Genesis And King Wanted Some Of Their Toys...

"Mr. Davis Hello" The Gateman Said As I Rode Up To His Little Gateman Quarters.

"Afternoon Danny" I Said.

"Hi Danny" Genesis Said After Rolling Down The Back Window.

"Hello Ms. Ty" He Said. "King" He Added.

"Hello" King Said.

"How Is Ms. Williams?" He Asked Me.

"Alright... Still Fighting" I Told Him.

"Good To Hear" He Said.

"By The Way... Did My Mom Come By?" I Asked Danny.

My Mom Refused To Bring Genesis And King's Things To The House. Instead She Decided To Come And Prepare It So I Can Drive All The Way Here And Pick It Up.

"Yes She Stopped By" He Said.

"Alright... Thanks" I Said As I Drove Up Tays Driveway.

There Stood A Beautiful 1 Story House... It Was Indeed A Big House. But Not As Big As Mines But It Was Close. My House Is 2 Storys But Tays Own Looked Like 3 Houses Beside Each Other But Connected. Tay Never Did Like A House With Stairs.

I Parked Then Me, Genesis And King Hopped Out. We Walked Up To The House, And As I Was Pulling Out The Key To Unlock The Door The Door Was Swung Open.

"UNCLE RELL" The Kids Both Yelled As They Hugged The Figure.

I Just Stood There I Didn't Recognize The Person. I Don't Know Him... Well I Don't Think I Know Him.

This Dude Look Like He Just Came Out The Joint. He Stood In The Doorway Eating Out Of A Bowl Filled With Nacho And Fries With Cheese All Over It. On Top Of That My Kids Just Called Him Uncle. Who Is This Guy? I Don't Have Any Brothers That Would Be At Tays House... But Tay. Wait...

"Rell?" I Asked As I Took A Longer Look At The Person In Front Of Me.

"In The Flesh" He Said. "Now Yall Come On In Now... Cold Air Is Escaping" He Added.

"Y'all Hungry" Rell Asked Us As We Walked In.

Next To The Door Was 2 Suit Cases One Pink Polka Dotted One And One Blue Stripped One.

"Nawl I'm Ight" I Said As Rell Led Me And Ty To The Kitchen.

King Went Off Already. Somewhere...?

"Y'all Want Anything... At All?" He Asked.

"No Thank You..." I Said.

"Ty...?" Rell Said Looking Down At Ty As She Looked Up At Him.

"Yes" She Innocently Said.

"What You Want?" He Asked Her.

"That" She Said Pointing At The Bowl.

"Here" He Said Handing Her The Bowl.

"Thank You" She Said Walking Away.

"Don't Eat All My Nachos" He Yelled After Her.

"Yeah Yeah" We Heard Her Say.

"Just Like Her Momma" He Said.

"Yup" I Said.

Rell Pulled Out A Glass And A Bottle Of Cîroc And Blueberry Vodka And Mixed It In A Cup.

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