2 - Hit Them and Run

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     The voice grunts behind the harsh sound of metal scraping metal. Like a demented Jack-in-the-box, you pop up swinging blindly the moment the latch gives. The crowbar connects with skin and bone. The nameless girl you just hit collapses to the ground and blood seeps from their head, squirting in startling giant arcs. You suspect that you probably killed them, but you're too panicked to comprehend what kind of repercussions that could mean for you. You have no idea why you're here or what's going on. The only certain thing is that you have to get away before someone else shows up. The prospect of anyone nearby being friendly is right down there with the likelihood of a friendly crocodile--seeing as they've locked you in a trunk.
     The safest thing to do would be to get out of the area as fast as possible, but it's dusk, and you've never seen this place before in your life. There isn't a single noise. No crickets. No wind. Nothing in sight except a huge corn field, a creepy scarecrow, a rickety barn, and a frail old house with the words Thornton Farm in wooden lettering on the peeling, uneven door. The first o and second t is missing in the name, but you can see a slightly cleaner shape where the letters had once been.
     Something in the back of your mind gives a shudder. You've heard of a place called Thornton Farm before. But this can't be it. Thornton Farm is abandoned and haunted. Not the normal I-saw-a-ghost kind of haunt, but the I-barely-made-it-out-alive kind. If you're there, you're in deep crap.
     If there's a way out of here, it must be on the other side of that huge field. You start to run toward the cornfield, but as you step over the limp body below, you see her pocket glowing. Dropping to your knees, you dig in her pocket and produce a cell phone. It's flashing some sort of alarm. The title of the alarm says RUN, and it stabs you like a knife to the gut.
     You don't know why it says that. It could be run away from the cornfield or run away from the house, or both! You take off running.

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To the cornfield - skip to chapter 4
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