Chapter Twenty Five

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Natalia's P.O.V

I looked up when I heard my name being called, Kaya was making her way towards me in the library where I sat at a table doing work as usual. Surprise more than anything was the first emotion I felt as she got closer.

"Hi Talia...can we talk?" She asked, looking anxious which instantly had every negative emotion I'd had towards her vanish.

I shifted the chair beside mine out from under the table and shoved all of my books out of her way, "Of course, sit."

She sank down onto the chair and looked much more relieved than she had earlier, "Lawson talked to me last night about our fight and I know that Alex did too. It made me realise that I should apologise properly."

"It's ok Ki; I was just over sensitive about the boyfriend thing, both yours and mine." I smiled, offering her a grape which she accepted.

"No but seriously our fight made me realise that you were right. I completely ignored you and when Lawson left after we spent time together I saw how lonely I was without you."

"It wasn't just you. When Alex left to go on dates with Izzy I'd study just for something to do. It's pathetic I know but I've just never been able to make good girl friends."

She nudged me gently and chuckled, "You manage to stay friends with me for seven years when we saw each other only once a year."

"You're the exception. So Alex and Lawson staged an intervention?" I asked, knowing that it was true already judging by how badly he'd wanted me to make peace with Kaya.

Her smile eased further onto her face as we settled back into normal conversation now that our hurt feelings were gone, "He claimed that we were both too stubborn to make peace ourselves so they stepped in for us. What's going on with you and Alex?"

I spent most of our lunchtime filling her in on what she'd missed in my life. She was surprised that things had become so messy and complicated but thankfully she kept any judgements to herself and acted like the person I knew she really was.

"I knew people in this town could be snobs but this is unreal. Then again his parents are pretty traditional because they're older. His mom was a beauty queen like thirty years ago and his dad was the bad boy jock who stole her heart."

I laughed at the way she told the story as if it were a Hollywood romance of two star crossed lovers, "How are they so rich if he was a bad boy jock?"

The image of Mr Michaelson being a mean bad boy was easy to imagine and he had probably been good looking all those years ago like his son, but the almost permanent scowl disguised any remnants of that.

"I think he had rich parents anyway then he began his antiques business so he got richer."

As interesting as it was to find out more about this boy who never seemed to leave my mind, I also wondered how she knew all of this, "How do you know so much about his family?"

"It's compulsory for everyone to know all about the rich kids and how charmed their lives are," she said, accompanying it with an eye roll, "I still can't believe that I'm not only dating one but I hang out with them too."

"They surprised me too, how big is Lawson's house?"

"Let's just say that I haven't seen all of it yet," her eyes brightened as she leant forward on her seat expressively, "His parents are so nice! His mom was telling me that even though they're rich, the other families are still snobs to them so don't take it personally."

"That's a little hard to do but I guess if melanin is so important to them then it's not worth stressing over."

"That's the Natalia I know, you've never given a crap about those kinds of things so don't start now. Alex likes you despite what his parents think and that means he won't become like them."

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