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Rose Edwards.

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Chapter One : Perrie, my big sister.

"Oh I just wanna take you any where that you like , we can go ou-"

"Aaahhhhh!" Carrie squealed while slightly jumping up and down,

"It's 'Kiss You'!!" She exclaimed cupping her cheeks,

"So what?" I Shrugged,

"One Direction sang it!" She exclaimed,

"Yay." I said (sarcasm)

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms . Ugh, why does she love One Direction so much?

Okay so I'm Rose . Rose Edwards. My friends call me 'Rose' or sometimes 'Rosie' to irritate me. I'm 17 years old , almost 18 on November 12 . And I have the most irritating but the best , best friend ever. And that's Carrie.

Oh and my sister is Perrie Edwards. Yeah yeah, Perrie from the most prettiest band in the world (If not for you, then they are for me) Little Mix.

Carrie glared at me "Ugh, Why do you hate them so much?" She pouted,

Wondering who and what's Carrie's information? Well, Her full name is Carrie Anderson. She's 17 years old , turning 18 on December 25 (Yeah, on Christmas) . As you can see, she's the biggest number 1 fan of One Direction , A.K.A the most hottest band on the planet. She has ALL the albums of One Direction. I remembered when we went to they're concert (One Direction) (yeah, she bought me a ticket for free) , she stood on her seat and shouted "ONE DIRECTION! I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!" almost running out of voice. Lol.

"I don't hate them. Not all of them." I whispered , but I'm sure she heard it.

"Oooh.. 'Not All' of them?" She wiggled her eyebrows while poking me at the side of my stomach .

I didn't ever flinched or moved at her poke! Usually , people would flinch and giggle. But Me? No. I'm not the type of 'Ticklish' person if you might ask. But there's just one part of my body that I would giggle and laugh to death if you would touch. Guess where..

My neck.

I glared at her,

"Come on, spill!" She exclaimed, wide eyed.

Should I tell her? Wait, who am I kidding? She's my best friend! So I think It's safe to tell her the truth or my secret, so.... Here it goes.

I sighed , "Harry." I said.

"I knew it!" She shouted, making some people look at us in confused looks.

"Shhhh!" I shhed her,

"Gosh." I said, embarrassed a little.

I may look brave and fearless, but there's still a part of me that's soft you know (don't be perv) .

"Whaaaaaaat? " She said , shrugging her shoulders.

I blushed . I do that alot when I'm shy and embarrassed pulled her by her arm into the 'bench/' store.

"Don't do that!" I whisper yelled at her.

God that was embarrassing . Ugh.

She just nods her head.

Ugh. I swear , if she ever does that ever again, I'm gonna kill her.

I hate it when she does that.

"Oh my God look!" She pointed at a T-shirt that was striped . Ugh.

I knew she was referring to 'Louis Tomlinson' of One Direction.

'Louis Tomlinson' wears and loves stripes. How do I know? Carrie always blabbers about One Direction's lives, likes and dislikes. She even knows what Harry's underwear is!

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