Part 33 - Dont Ever Call Me By His Name

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I blinked into a white bright light, and sat up in the bed I was in. I had on my clothes, but they were ripped so my stomach was completely exposed. In front of me were three people: a doctor shining a light in my face, a Jako standing behind him with his arms crossed looking kind of pissed, and a nurse in pink scrubs.

"You woke up. Good." The man said, the light switching off as he peered into my face. "You had a flesh wound, but it'll heal up in no time." My eyes were stuck on Jako's and I couldn't look away. No, I didn't want to. He looked...scared, nervous, and angry all at once. The doctor leaned away and glanced behind him at Jako after following my gaze. "I'll leave you two alone for a little while. I'll be back shortly."

"How long will I have to be here?"

"Until the very first couple layers of skin over your flesh wound heal. That means about two and a half days. Then you should be fine since no vital organs or any bones were damaged. You're lucky. The only thing you're going to walk away with is a scar."

"What about the driver?"

"He walked into the light." He turned without another word and I stared at his vanishing back. Then the driver had died? The driver who swerved away from me at the last second. A bitter feeling creeped into my chest as memories flashed in my head. Immediately, those memories vanished when Jako leaned down towards me. His hand was pushed onto the bed, leaning in really close to me, his angry eyes becoming bigger and bigger.

"What's my name?" He said after a while of staring into my face.


"What's my name?"  He asked, his eyes angry, but I saw past his stormy eyes. I saw the true emotion in them. I saw the hurt that hid in his clenched jaw and behind his forced glare.

I saw it.

"Jako." I murmured, my eyes scanning the rest of his face. He looked a little tired and his hair was messy as well. It almost looked like smoothed down bed head. "Jako." I said again, my eyes roaming down to the clothes he had on. Black jeans and a loose casual white collared shirt. Strange combo. "Why are you wearing that?" I asked, and his face flushed red. I tried to ignore it, but my heart flipped a little in my chest.

"Say it one more time and I'll tell you." He said and I sighed, rolling my eyes. What was he doing?

"Just tell me."

"Just say my name one more-"


He gazed at me without answering for a couple moments. He just gazed at me, giving none of his own thoughts away. I gazed back at him, my curiosity getting the better of me.

"Because you called me a name that I didn't like hearing from your lips, Lila. I will never be my Uncle. Don't make me be."

I stared at him stunned into silence.

"I-I know that," I said sitting up straighter on the bed. "I know you two are nothing a like. I also know that I could never confuse you with him. Why would you-"

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