"I'm Fine"

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"... Wake up you're gonna be late!" I heard my mom's shouts becoming clearer as I woke up.

"I'm up mom." I shouted back, preventing her from coming into my room. I did NOT need her seeing me before I covered all the scars and bruises. She'll get worried and make me talk to her about my 'problems'. Sometimes she just needs to lay off. The last time she saw my scars she took me to counselor, which did absolutely nothing. Maybe I'm just not meant to live in this world.

I sighed as I pulled myself out of my bed and trudged over to my closet. I grabbed my usual black pants, which I have about five pairs of. I pulled them on and looked for a shirt. Damn it, all my long sleeved shirts are in the wash. I guess I'll just wear a jacket all day. I wish I could just stay in my bed all day. I grabbed a random tee-shirt and my grey zip up sweatshirt. I rushed into the bathroom I shared with my older sister before she could lock herself in there for an hour.

I did my usual morning routine, brush my teeth, fixed my mess of hair into an acceptable style, and put my contacts in. All throughout the process, my sister Anne Marie was pounding on the door, stated that I was taking forever. Yeah, cus 10 minutes is just a lifetime compared to an hour.

"All yours." She shoves past me when I open the door and walk out. I head back to room and grab my bag. "Bye Mom!" I shout, grabbing the breakfast she left for me and walking out the door.

I don't know why I bother even grabbing the food, I don't eat it anyways. I either give it to someone else or just throw it away. Deep down, I know the reason I keep taking the food, I don't want her to worry about me.

I started walking to school, like I normally do. That's the way I like things, normal; consistent; expected. I can predict what will happen every moment of everyday. I like that, no surprises, no chance of things being cancelled or changed suddenly.

I walked out of the house at my normal time, in my normal clothes, on my normal route to school. During my walk to school, I saw my friend, Harper. She was crossing the street and a car started racing towards her. I ran and pushed her out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. When I pushed her, another car was approaching from the opposite direction and swerved into the other lane to avoid her. I now had not only one, but two cars headed toward me.

I tried to move out of the way but I'm not faster than two cars. The cars were headed straight towards each other, with me in between them. I stared at the driver of one of the cars as they both simultaneously crushed me. The pain was excruciating. Both of the cars halted, with me wedged in between them. Amazingly, I was still conscious, though in a lot of pain.

"Someone call 911!"

That was the first thing I heard after the impact. Harper was screaming at people to do something and was in hysterics. Finally, one of the drivers seemed to react to the situation. They started to reverse the car and suddenly black dots crowded my vision and I started bleeding out.

"No! You...." Harper started yelling, but that was all I heard because my vision went dark and then there was nothing.


A/N: This is just like a prologue, it's not really a chapter. The first chapter will be the next update.

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