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Pen Your Pride

Day Before The Break Time

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Hey, witches, wizards, muggles, and creeps!

So today was a bit of an upload that took more time, but I enjoyed writing it!

Blimey, Christmas is right around the corner! Are you guys excited? I am! My family is getting together and I get to see people that I haven't seen in  a year, so I can't wait for that. What are your plans for Christmas?

Have a good one,


The first thing I heard when I awoke was shrill screaming.

My body jolted into the air as a reaction, and I sat bolt upright, looking wildly at the scene before me.

Hermione and Ginny were giggling, smiling widely at me, jumping up and down, and pulling me out of bed. Alarmed, I scrambled back in and stared at them.

"What on earth possessed you to think that it was okay to wake up an assassin by screaming?" I complained, grabbing a glass of water and taking a sip.

"Sorry," Ginny whispered. "We're excited."

I spat out the water, making it spray all over my bed. "Really?!" I breathed. "I never would've guessed." I mumbled sarcastically.

"Don't you know what day it is?" Hermione smiled.

I shook my head.

"Saturday!" Both girls said at the same time.

"Which means what exactly?" I furrowed my brow.

Both girls shouted something different at the same time.

"We get our dresses in the owl post!" Ginny squealed.

Hermione, however, said. "Do you know how much time there is for studying?!"

Ginny and Hermione stared at each other in dissapointment.

"Anyways," Ginny said finally. "Let's get you up, sleepy! We're going to the Great Hall for breakfast!"

I stretched. "Alright. What would contrast green..." I pondered aloud, thinking of the Slytherin table.

"Oh, no you don't." Hermione grinned. "It's Gryffindor table for you today."

"Why?" I groaned.

"Because," Ginny chimed in. "We said so."

I paused and stood up in my nightgown. "Fine." I said. I snapped my fingers and a warm white sweater with an ice blue skirt appeared in place of the previous clothing, which was folded on my nightstand. I smiled at the girls' ridiculous grins and followed them out to the Hall.

"How did you guys get in the champions' dorms, anyways?" I asked as we sat down at the red and gold table. "Hagrid set a password a while ago."

Ginny smiled. "Well," he said innocently. "We wanted to talk to you whenever we like, and I did a little, uh... blackmail with a staff member."

I was shocked. "Who?" I asked.

"It was Snape." She said sheepishly.

"WHAT?!" I laughed, thinking of such an intimidating man being outwitted by a little Gryffindor sweetheart. I grabbed a piece of toast and took a bite. "Insane." I muttered.

Ginny laughed and looked up at the enchanted ceiling. "Where are those owls?" She whispered, irritated.

"Patience, Gin." Hermione warned.

"Says you," Ginny said playfully. "You wanted to go study, 'Mione!"

Hermione blushed. "Well, the Defense Against the Dark Arts test is coming up, Gin!" She covered as an excuse. I shook my head and laughed softly. Ginny chuckled, as well. There was no test! Soon enough, we were all in a fit of laughter. "Really, Hermione?" I giggled. "A test? Is that the best you can do? You study all the time!"

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