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Octavian. We all know him. That crazy augur who slaughters teddy bears for a living. That Roman who hates the graecum. That "hero" who thought he could destroy Gaea by taking his own life and hurling it into a fiery death. That ghost who is now in Asphodel wandering aimlessly. Yeah. That guy.

That guy.

Who is he?

He is one of them who died without a story to tell.  

"So, who cares?" You may think. He's better off dead anyways.

Tsk...tsk...tsk... Think about it.

We don't even know his last name. Or his family life, nor the reason for his crazy hate for of Greeks & teddy bears.

And no one will ever know his tale, partially because he is dead. And I'm pretty sure that Nico won't summon his ghost; the Ghost King won't waste his happy meals on him.

T H I S  I S  T H E  T E L L I N G  O F  O C T A V I A N ' S  P A S T .


Hey guys, it's @galaxyfangirl13 here.

So I decided to write this mini- fanfic because I actually kinda felt SORRY for Octavian. Because I was just scrolling on riordan.wikia.com, and there wasn't a single thing about Octavian's past. So I decided to create one.

Hopefully, the PJO fandom would give Octavian some mercy and forgiveness, because after all he is human.

|Can't wait to start writing|

{disclaimer: i don't own any of the PJO or HOO characters, I only own some of the plot line}

written on: 07/26/2016

finished on: xx/xx/xxxx

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