Mahima And Christian

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You and Christian have been best friends since you were little. You both knew each other inside and out . But there was one thing he didn't know . That your in love with him . It started a few months ago but you never told him . Today was the day you were going to . You walked to his locker room and saw it was halfway opened . You peeked in and he was kissing Layla . You busted the door open and the tears flowed down. They pulled away and he looked at you .

"Mahima what's wrong ?" He asked . You cried more and ran out the door as he chased after you, yelling your names and telling you to come back . You ran into your locker room and before you could close the door he caught it and came in . You began packing your stuff ready to leave .

"Why are you crying what's wrong ?" He asked trying to hold you .

"Let me go ! You don't understand how I feel about you ! I'm in love with you ! I was going to come and explain it t-to you but y-you were kissing that bitch and she has a boyfriend !" You exclaimed packing up the rest of your stuff .

"Please don't go . We need to talk ." He said .

"No we don't Christian . I'm done with this . You out of all people should know me . We've been best friends since diaper changing . You couldn't figure out I liked you ?" You whispered and walked out . You drove back to your hotel room and cried . As you got in the door , your Best friend Aj was already there . She came to your aid and hugged you tight .

"It didn't go well did it ?" She whispered . You shook your head no and cried more .

"H-he was kissing Layla ." You said pulling away . Aj looked pissed .

"She knew that you had a crush on him ." She said livid . You were shocked .

"Wow . That makes me want to hurt her ." You said wiping your tears .

I'm sharing a hotel with Punk tonight, so will you be okay? She asked you. You nodded and she gave you one last hug before leaving .

You sat down on the bed and watched Raw . You really didn't pay attention , just stared mindlessly at it . You heard a knock on the door . You sighed and got up to open it . It was Christian .

"What ?!" You yelled . He didn't say anything . He walked in and wrapped his arms around your waist.

"I love you too . More than you can imagine ." He whispered . He slowly leaned in and kissed your lips . They were soft against yours . You kissed back and wrapped your arms around him. His tongue darted into your mouth and yours did too . As your tongues both wrestled against each other , he picked you up and laid you down on the bed . He deepened the kiss and you wrapped your legs around him . He pulled away and stared into your eyes . He kissed your lips again .

"I'm sorry for earlier . I didn't mean any of it ." He whispered . You nodded .

"I love you ." He whispered .

"I love you too ." You said with a smile .

"How would you like to be mine ?" He asked . You blushed and nodded yes . He smiled and kissed you again .

You were finally happy . For the rest of the night , you and Christian just made out , and enjoyed each others love .


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