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"We're postponing the wedding."

WAS PROBABLY THE WORST THING SHE ever had to say, eyes wandering around the room, looking at anything other than the saddened glares from her sisters and mother. Approximately two weeks ago had they gotten into their unwanted argument, and it pained her dearly to realize that they really came to that sort of conclusion in their relationship. Her heart was very dreary and filled with pain, and her family didn't think anything would help her feel better. She just needed Harry. That's all she wanted.

She wanted to hold him, to say sorry for their hurtful argument, to laugh with him and cry in his arms. They've talked previously. He called only once a day, to check up on her and the babies. Estella decided it was best for her to stay where she felt the most comfortable at; home. Her family home reminded her of much joy, more than any other place. From bad to good memories, she cared of nothing but receiving comfort from her family. There are days she cried, days she threw tantrums and days she cuddled with her mother, only to cry more in her chest.

Evelyn was well aware of her daughter's heartbreak, and how it made her feel every single time. Whenever Estella' heart had been broken, she knew just who to turn to. She's witnessed this feeling throughout her life, watching her daughter sob over a boy but repeatedly say 'fuck you' the next day. She knew of the bravery her daughter had, all of them to be precise. She'd like to say it came from her genes, but maybe they learned to build their own bravery, even after the many breakups they've been through.

Estella couldn't even remember the last time Essi or Elsia had gotten themselves into a tragic situation such as having their heartbroken till they felt nothing but pain. But she may have recalled the one time Essi dated this one man from her university. He was very brilliant as well as handsome. Though he had his tendencies to tick with her mind, which was one reason why he had to place a restraining order on Essi, because she wrecked his property, smashed all the windows on either his Ferrari or Mercedes, and also slashed his tires, all the while- burning his expensive suits in his backyard.

All because she hated his attitude towards her.

She'd have to admit she had a crazy family on her hands, but that's one reason why she loved them. And no matter what, she could always come to them for help. Estella could forever count on her family to be there for her in the moments she needed them the most.

"It's been 2 weeks, honey. When are you going to see him again?" Her mom speaks up, Estella blinking away the tears before landing her eyes back on her questioned mother. "I mean, you can't leave him with worry. For God sakes you're 7 months pregnant and you're his fiancée! Don't you think he's clearly out his mind right now, constantly worrying about you?"

"I get that, but like I said, I don't want to talk about it. We postponed it until we're both comfortable enough again to continue what we had," She sighed deeply. "That's it."

"And that'll never happen until the both of you actually see one another face to face and talk like regular adults. There's no need for hiding in bushes until one of you has the balls to say something!" Elsia argued, watching her sister roll her eyes.

"All I wanna do right now is take a nice bath and go to sleep. We can talk about this in the morning, which seems like the millionth time since we've discussed this situation," She stood up, nothing more to say about Harry or their wedding. "I'm done talking about it."

Without a doubt, she was torn. And they could even see that on her face. The obvious facial expressions she made clearly gave away how she was feeling. Devastated. Absolutely devastated. Saying goodnight to each of them with a reassuring kiss to the cheek, she walked away with a slight waddle in her step, glad her room in this house wasn't up the stairs. Instead it was down the hall, Estella closing her door behind her before preparing herself the bath she promised. She did nothing but sit and think, soothing music playing from her phone, the lights off and candles lit whilst she closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the bath pillow.

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