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AESTHETIC; SOMETHING THAT IS PERCEIVED AS beautiful. The word beautiful had many definitions for millions of people in their own unique ways. Some people thought that the word resembled something so delicate such as a stunning flower sprouting. Or, something as unpretentious as an item. But to Estella, her definition of aesthetic, was being out here tonight, roaming the streets of Japan while the sky went dark and light drizzle skimmed their cheeks in a calming manner.

Hand in hand, Harry and Estella admirably walked along the slightly drenched sidewalks, trench coats on with expensive dark boots skidding along the cement while Harry listened to her talk on and on about how beautiful the place had been. The atmosphere was very nice and suitable for them, knowing how they grew fascinated with the idea of quietness. Cars were driving by, tons of people walking the streets while the faint noise of tires skidding along the wet roads comforted them. It wasn't that dark, possibly midday as the once bright blue sky suddenly began blending with upcoming darkness of night.

Since they've been roaming the city for about three or so hours now, Harry decided to find some place for them to eat, having their day already planned out for her basically because he had been up half the night on their private jet scrolling through reviews on the internet and trying to find amazing spots for them to explore just for Estella' personal scenery pleasure. Yes, she had a kink for stunning scenery. Shoot her.

"And like, I had this puppy named Midnight and she was probably recently pushed out of the, you know, doggy area that they give birth and shit from, and my dad had bought her for us but since we didn't have a bed or anything for her yet, he kept her locked in the unused bathroom we had downstairs," Estella continued to go on and on to Harry about various of stories, and he wasn't even remotely close to being annoyed. "So like, she died in there because my dad was too lazy to buy her things yet because of work and he wouldn't let us take her out or anything because he was afraid we would hurt her and I just remembered crying so hard man."

"Sorry baby," Harry kissed her forehead, knowing she was getting emotional and he really didn't need her hormones coming out for play at the moment so he had to think fast and find a place to eat to satisfy her needs. "But that won't happen to Chowder. He's a very strong puppy. You don't have bad luck with dogs."

"I do though," She objected with a whine, Harry sighing as he kept her close to him. "All like, eight of my dogs had something bad happen to them. It sucks ass."

"Okay, let me go over this again," Harry stated, trying to make sense of a story she had been telling him for over a few minutes now. Never once getting tired of hearing her talk about something whether it be something he's heard before or something vaguely new. "Your first dog Ruckus got taken away because he tore up couches, ripped up baby diapers that he took out of the trashcan and took loads of shits everywhere. Second dog Princess was taken away because of the reason you cannot remember. Third dog was Blue and he died due to eating something that caused him to get sick, presumably a mouse. Cookie ran away because she was bad as shit and bullying your uncles dogs-"

"Yup, she use to steal their food and fight them. A little Yorkie Chin did that, can you believe that?!"

"Probably learned it from you," He joked, Estella looking up at him before plucking him on his forehead with a huff. "Ouch, I'm sorry. But anyways, the fourth dog was Midnight, then there was Chevy who had an seizure and died terribly in front of your eyes, sorry babe."

He watched Estella frown, eyes twinkling and he just knew she was about to cry. "I'm pretty sure he was great, don't cry. For the love of God do not cry."

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