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AFTER 8 MONTHS OF PLANNING, TOTAL exhaustion and a few arguments here and there, the day had finally come. She didn't know what to do really, she didn't know if she could cry or just pass out. This day really made her nervous and she actually couldn't believe it was here. She was actually getting married- once again. Absolute shock went through her body when she said that in her mind. She didn't even think it was possible again, that she would ever marry another man, but it happened. Estella was marrying the man that appreciated her for who she was, who loved her no matter if they fought, loved her because she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met.

"I think I might cry." David announces, taking the handkerchief from his pocket before gently dabbing the cloth around his eyes. Estella laughed at him, hands on her stomach as she closed her eyes and took deep breaths, trying as best as she could to keep the panic away.

"God you look so beautiful honey," Her mother holds an hand over her heart, trying to maintain her tears so she wouldn't ruin her make-up. Estella pouted, opening her arms wide before embracing her mother in a tight hug, her stomach sort of separating them. "I can't believe you're getting married. Like again."

"I know," She sighed. "I can't believe it either."

"I'm so proud of you, Star. You've come so far in life and I can't even begin to imagine what more could come. You're such a strong woman and I love you so much sweetheart." Evelyn fixes her daughters veil, twisting a curl of her hair around her fingers before letting it bounce back in it's place.

"Thank you mom, that really means so much to me. And I love you too, always."

Estella kissed her cheek, sighing deeply before admiring herself in the mirror once again. She was absolutely ecstatic that her dress turned out exactly the way she asked. The sparkly, glitzy ball gown, which would also be called a Cinderella ball gown, fit her figure perfectly. The whimsical pearl white gown was created by a very close friend that her father mentioned to her. She had the pleasure of meeting her and took Estella' details into mind before creating the most magnificent dress she had ever seen. The dress was handmade, creation crafted from organza fabric, appliques embellishments and French lace. Long-sleeved, non-corset garment with a beaded headpiece and full veil that trailed behind her as if it was the tail. A voluminous skirt sparkled with every turn she made, shimmering like the stars at night.

It was absolutely breathtaking.

"So Harry' limo just arrived and Zayn is actually on his way up to see you." Gemma announced, finishing with her make-up before walking behind Estella.

"Why, what happened?"

"Nothing hopefully."

"I don't need more stress right now. I'm already flipping my shit." She breathed, clamping her hands together before praying to herself. She needed everything to be perfect today. She really didn't need any accidents or sudden drama or drastic changes in their wedding today because today was the only day that mattered the most. Things had to be set for perfection.

"Do you want something to drink?" David suddenly asks, getting up from his seat and fetching some water before she even answered.

There was a knock at her door, Gemma shouting out that she was going to get it. Estella flapped her hands around her, doing some sort of meditation routine to try and keep herself at a normal state. "I can't believe I'm actually this nervous. I mean, I've done this before. So why am I freaking out like it's my first time ever? Like I don't know him."

"Are you having second thoughts?" Her mother asked her and she shook her head, knowing that couldn't be it. And she knew that for sure.

"No, God no. I would never second guess this."

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