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[contains very detailed smut.]


                    PARADISE. ONE WORD THAT DESCRIBED THEIR honeymoon, sun beaming down on her brown skin delicately as she took steady breaths, the atmosphere fitting her comfort zone. It was raining only a few hours ago, and the mist breathed across her skin with a slight coldness to it. It had been their first week in Bora Bora, and it was probably the most magical trip she's ever been on. Their honeymoon was going to be as relaxing as possible, thought she fears she might pop out these kids any second on their trip. She hoped that didn't happen. She wanted to be home when the time came, so everyone could be with her in that hospital room.

Estella looked to her right, shades on her face as she blocked herself from Harry with a giggle, whining because he was currently snapping pictures of her. He's been taking pictures ever since they arrived, of everything they've done with his camera that his father gave to him. He pouts but laughs and snaps more shots of her in every angle and in every way. If she'd move just a tiny bit he'd snap a pic.

"I don't want to be seen on the media!"

"But you're beautiful and I want to memorize everything here including my beautiful wife." He smiles and leans forward to take a sip of her pink lemonade. She took a deep breath, smelling the fresh air, the trees, even the ocean smell gave her comfort.

"Are we really doing this? I mean, three places in three weeks? Don't you think that's too much?" She suddenly asked, Harry looking down at her, attention going away from his camera.

"Nope, I think it's perfect. We need a break anyways. And besides, it's our honeymoon, darling. Who gives a shit how long we stay."

"Bora Bora, Costa Rica, then Japan?"

"That's the plan."

"Well since we're here right now, I have an idea." She happily sat up on her beach towel.

"Mhm, and what is that?"

"TV and food!" She clapped.

He gasped in agreement. "TV and food!"

Harry had already set up dinner reservations for the both of them in their hotel room and they had to freshen up before eating. They took a hot shower together, not too hot to damage her skin, including the fact that it was very sensitive nowadays. Harry calmly sang to her, running his hands through her hair with the fruity smelling conditioner, even playing around with her hair and giving her a mohawk. Estella laughed at him when he tickled her neck, almost kicking him right on his dick because it made her jump, Harry cautiously moving away.

Getting dressed had also been a distraction because whenever Harry would try to lotion his body, Estella would spank him with her wet towel, making him jump away and shout at her, using British terms that caused her to fall back on the bed with laughter. Unfortunately they had to stop because their dinner was literally on the way and they had to clean up. Estella slipped on her yellow SpongeBob panties that Harry thought was adorable, going to smack her ass a few times, only because he was that infatuated with it.

She also put on one of Harry' overly large flannels, prancing around their room and into the kitchen in search for her sea salt caramel Gelato, lying back in bed and watching television while her husband painted her toes while on his knees at the end of their bed. They were too busy watching Family Guy that Harry actually had to pause a few times to watch it himself. This episode was the one where Chris dates a veterinary intern and when they break up Peter 'sets the mood' for one of his attempted rebound dates by singing a hilarious version of some type of song. He starts singing something that they can't understand firstly, it sounded like gibberish.

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