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                        GRABBING THE LAST BIT OF BAGS in the front seat, Harry closes the front door and uses the remote control key to lock the car before walking inside of their shared condo and happily greeting his fiancée who had been sitting on the couch, waiting for his return. It's been a few days since the baby shower and they've been doing good as ever. Estella had gotten more things done for their wedding and today they had to go out for tastings, but not after Harry came back from shopping for the house.

"Hi penguin!" Harry chuckles when Estella holds her belly and tries to stand up, practically waddling towards him which gave him the idea for that nickname. Harry shook his head, locking an arm around her waist to pull her in for a kiss, Estella liking that but eyes were currently too focused on the food in the bag.

"Mhm, I missed you." Estella pouted, kissing his cheek about a dozen times before pulling away and going for the strawberries in the bag, walking over to the sink and rinsing them off.

"I've literally been gone for an hour."

"Are you questioning my attachment toward you, Mr. Styles?" Estella blinks at him, finding the whipped cream and spraying some in her mouth along with the juicy strawberries.

"Not ever," Harry hums. "That hungry huh?"

She smiles widely, nodding her head vigorously and giggling. The past few days they have had no distractions whatsoever. It's been a chill few days and that's what they both really needed. Estella' been okay, nothing seemed to be wrong with her, nothings happened to her except for the normal things that pregnant women get. Throwing up seemed to be a daily thing for her, so is eating, peeing, showering, sleeping, whining, crying, and overall- frustration.

Harry kind of felt bad for her because of everything she was going through mainly because he never liked seeing the ones he loved in any sort of pain or discomfort, especially Estella. He wanted to take the pain away from her but he knew he couldn't. Harry gave his all respect to the million of women who deal with this for nine months straight. He gave credit for all of the moms out in the world who had to deal with this because honestly he couldn't imagine going through this himself.

some men don't appreciate how these women risk their lives and give their all just so their child and children could be healthy, educated, and loved. some men take advantage of that and it angered him because some of them don't even care as if they could do this themselves- no problem. but the thing is; can you carry a child or children in your stomach for nine months? would you be able to deal with the constant vomiting, weight gaining, eating, crying, whining, foot aches, body aches, cramps, mood swings, feeling like you aren't perfect anymore because your body is changing? no, you can't- because he know he couldn't.

That's why as men, have to respect the women in this world no matter what they've done because without them, men are nothing.

"Baby we need to start planning our nursery. The extra room we have will be the girl's so we need to start planning on how we want it to be." Estella sits down in the chair and pulls out her phone.

"However you picture it than that's how we'll do it. Got any ideas?" Harry had asked, placing the cereal on the top of the fridge.

"I have a few. Since they're twins and they're girls, I want the room to be pink and white. But I want to be unique and throw in extra color like black." She scrolls through her phone.

"Pink, white and black?" He raised his eyebrows, trying to picture how that would look.

"Yeah," She trails off. "Is that bad?"

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