Part 1 Sweet Deception

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"BRENDA, PLEASE COME TO MY OFFICE," Freddy says enticingly through the speakerphone in my office.

Startled from the request, my heartbeat accelerates at the sound of his voice. I shake off the nerves and tell myself this is my moment to seize and seize it I shall. I grab my thumb drive and head to Freddy's office with my 'I have a secret' smile.

The office door is barely open when I approach. I lightly knock and walk in. "Good morning. I take it you got my e-mail about Modeus?"

Freddy looks up at me with his sexy as hell unreadable gaze. His blue eyes stare right through me. "Good morning. I've got a meeting in ten minutes," he says.

I clear my throat. "So, I'll make this quick. I know that OC is currently looking for another strong selling male artist. That's why I sent you Modeus. You listened to the links I sent, right? He's rock and roll and you know how women love bad boys." I exhale and bat my eyes.

Expressionless, he stands up and walks intently around the desk. One of his many 'bad-boy' tattoos peeks out of his short sleeve designer t-shirt at me as he passes by; it's the one of the dragon that makes me crazy. He locks the door and turns around slowly with his 'I have a secret' smile. "I'm sorry about last night."

I stare down to the ground not quite sure I believe him.

"I got stuck here with Simon and Richard. You know how it is. Nothing I could do." He slowly walks towards me. "You forgive me?"

I take a deep breath. "No."

He leans down and gently kisses my cheek.

The smell of his cologne devours my first line of defenses, but I'm not giving in just yet.

"No?" He asked. His lips delicately find their way to my neck.

I gently stop him from going any further and look uncomfortably towards the door. "No Freddy."

"But, I want to make it up to you," he says.

The tone of his voice is now a growl causing my insides to melt and my 'giving in' smile flashes across my face. He's got me and he knows it.

He reaches underneath my dress, lightly rubs me with his fingers and moans. "I love how wet you get for me."

And that's it. Game over.

He drops to his knees, lifts my dress up around my waist and kisses the inside of my thigh. "I want to taste you so bad."

I lightly brush my fingers through his thick blonde hair while feeling his hot breath against my stomach.

He looks up at me one more time with his piercing blue eyes then back to what he wants more than anything.

I spread my legs apart—just a little.

He moans at the gesture and leans over to taste me.

I exhale and grab his locks tighter in my fingers. "Oh, God."

He grabs my hips and pulls me into his sweet attack.

I'm helpless in his grip. All I can do is surrender myself to the tiny orgasm causing my legs to feel like putty.

"I love when you come for me like this," he says.

I release my grip from his hair and gently stroke his handsome face staring up at me with lust in his eyes.

"My turn," he says, grabbing my hips and laying me down in front of him. Sitting up on his knees he slowly unbuckles his belt. He lightly brushes his fingers down my stomach and leans over to kiss me. "How was that?"

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