Chapter 41

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“So… I'm the reason that you’ve been tormented to the point of nearly death?” She spoke with a crackling voice as salty tears began to sting her eyes. “If my love for you was the reason that you went through all that pain then I wish… I wish…”

Suddenly, Ethan stopped dead on the spot, turned around and planted a kiss on her lips completely without warning, catching her off guard.

 “I love you Evelyn, and I don’t care how much pain I went through, because the fact that I'm here with you now makes it all worth it, so don’t you ever say that you wish you didn’t love me, okay?” He spoke soothingly, placing his forehead on hers. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you either.” She kissed him back.

“Forever and always?”

“Forever and always.”

“Am I interrupting something?”


Evelyn's blood ran cold at the sound of the unfamiliar voice.

All kinds of terrifying possibility ran through her mind.

What if it was one of the guard? What if they found out that I’m trying to escape? What if they kill Ethan? What if they hurt Alice?

She swallowed nervously and kissed Ethan one last time before hesitantly turning away from the love that she had spent so many nights missing, knowing it might be the last time that they will ever see each other. She turned to meet the eyes of an unfamiliar man.

Ash-blonde hair, porcelain-pale skin, dark blue eyes, and eyebrows that reminded her of two little pastel-pale caterpillars.

She took hold of Ethan’s hand nervously, and almost instantaneously, he pushed him behind her, as if to use her body as a shield, waiting for the unfamiliar man to attack.

‘He won’t hurt me,’ she told herself, ‘Zayn won’t allow him to hurt me in any way, Zayn would want to capture me alive.’

Realizing her intentions, the blonde man just smiled.

“You weren’t lying when you said that she loves you back,” he chuckled, looking over at Ethan, who just smirked at how protective Evelyn was with him. It brought him joy to think that she would put herself in harm’s way just to ensure his safety. But it also worried, and pained him, because that unconditional love she felt for him was also lead to her making that unbelievably stupid contract with Zayn, and he hated himself for it.

For Evelyn to give up herself just to ensure his safety… He didn’t want to be living like that, hiding behind his girl because of the other powerful man who loved her, no. He wanted to be the one standing tall, protecting her, and not Zayn.

But nevertheless, he placed a kiss onto her cheek. “Relax darling, this is Aaron, he’s my cousin, he won’t hurt us.”

“And if he does, I won’t forgive him.” Said a familiar female voice, a voice that made Evelyn's heart leap in her chest.

“Alice?” Evelyn let out a gasp as her cousin popped out from behind Aaran’s broad frame.

Both Ethan and Aaran smiled as their loves ran towards each other.

“I never thought I would see you again,” Alice chuckled as she wrapped her arms around Evelyn.

“Me neither, why did you ran like that when we were under attack? Alice, you’re with child, you should have ran back towards my room, it was so dangerous out there!”

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