Chapter 10: They Knew

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Third Person POV

"I'm scared, Maya."

The Huntress refused to look up at her friend, finding more interest in the technology that bound her hands at the moment.

A capsule that contained her hands together in confined space. Somehow, it even managed to restrict the flow of Light through her body, forcing her Ghost to remain dormant, and making escape impossible. She had never seen anything like this before. Hadn't the refugees destroyed everything before they left? What had the survivors been doing all this time?

The Exo whimpered at the lack of response, causing Maya to look up. She flashed a reassuring smile.

"It'll be fine." She said cheerfully, for Ivory's sake. "We'll get out of here. I promise."

Ivory stared at her for a moment, uncertainly. Before she could reply, the ship began to experience minor turbulence, startling them both.

One of the New Monarchy agents managing the ship entered the cargo room with Maya's helmet. She eyed it curiously before the agent forcefully shoved it onto her head.

"Hey, gentle!" Maya barked.

"Excuse us for allowing you to breathe." The agent replied coldly. "We will be landing shortly."

"Where you taking us?" Ivory dared to ask.

The agent sent a harsh glare her way and left the room. Ivory turned back to Maya, who only shrugged.

"I guess we'll see."

They waited several minutes before the ship finally came to a stop. The door opened, and two agents escorted them out of the ship.

The cold atmosphere of the moon greeted them immediately. Maya took a deep breath as she mentally braced herself for what was to come.

They were led into one of the facilities usually run by the Fallen. To their surprise and dismay, it was swarming with Guardian activity. For all they knew, this might have even belonged to them the whole time. What did that mean for the facilities on Mars, and even Venus?

The Huntresses' suspicions were confirmed upon arriving on the underground floor.

"Maya!" Ivory gasped. "They..."

"These bastards knew the whole time!" Maya growled.


"Have you guys ever, like, seen things around here?"

"Seen things?" Li Ling giggled.

"Be more specific." Jaeger said boredly.

"I don't know how to explain it." Alpha sighed. "Like, people who aren't supposed to be there."

"Where should they be, then?" Jaeger teased.


His companions stopped walking and turned to look at him.

"Does this have to do with those rumors about the Exo stranger again?" Jaeger groaned.

"It has nothing to do with that. I'm serious!" Alpha exclaimed.

"Then who do you see?" Li Ling asked.

"An old friend, back from before everything happened." Alpha explained sheepishly. "It only happened once, after we had left the Tower. That day we met Maya and Ivory? And, I think Maya saw something too..."

"You know what I think?" Ling giggled, nudging his arm gently. "I think this vegan diet is starting to mess with your head. You need protein."

"We have no leftovers." Jaeger reminded them.

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