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'Why are you breathing so loudly?' He asked

'Why are you breathing so loudly?' He asked.

'I'm not,' I replied.


Hey guys, the excerpt of this ghost story novella premiered in Kelly Anne Blount's Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition II on August 4th! The first chapter went live on October 3rd and concluded October 31st for a spooky Halloween event. 

If you fancy, my award-winning series, Abyssal Sanctuary, is currently running on Wattpad. The first two books, Remnants of the Damned and Ashes of the Innocent, are both complete and available to read on this site. The first book is also a featured story, so it's definitely worth checking out! The third book, Rise of the Ripper, is currently being written on Wattpad and is updated regularly. 

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