"I'M GONNA BE A DAD! I'm Gonna Be a Dad..I Don't Really Know How to Take That.."

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  Leo stared silently at Selphia in shock. Speechless to the news.

  In nervousness, he began to laugh awkwardly and looked to Artemis with a wide fake smile.

  "Are you sure? I mean, maybe she's just uh..I don't know! Are you sure she's pregnant? With my kid? Are you extra sure? How can you be so sure...I mean we've only fucked twice. Come on.."Leo stuttered, looking from Artemis to Apollo to Selphia. She had a pained gaze in her eyes as she held her stomach.

  "Of course I'm sure! I'm the goddess of childbirth!"Artemis bellowed, her eyes igniting with anger.

  She scoffed. Glaring at Leo. Selphia slid to her knees as she backed up against the wall. She softly sobbed into her hands. While Apollo was being given a sedative by Hades.

  Percy and Jason rushed to her side, silencing her with soft words and reassurance. They wrapped their arms around her. Leo shook his head, running his fingers through his hair in denial. Nico glared deeply at Leo with a soft snarl. Leo knew everyone's hate was directed to the child's father in the room at the moment. He didn't mean to react that way.

  "I don't want to be pregnant with this bastard's child! Because I love him and this child equally. I will not have him regretting this blessing in my womb."Selphia sighed."Leo Valdez, this child is your either way. But I don't like how you're looking at me. I don't like how you won't say anything. Can't you tell me you hate me and get this bullshit over with?"

  Leo clenched his hands into fists, fire erupting to engulf his fists. He looked over to Selphia, his jaw tightened. She gasped a little in fear.

  "I'm sorry."He croaked. He sat in the opposite corner, curled up in a little fireball.

  He cried to himself, feeling like a monster.

  "I love you, Selphie. But fatherhood? In an upcoming war? That's so..so dangerous. You can't battle now. You're pregnant. We have to send you back. You'll be safe at the camp. I'm not going to lose my girlfriend and my child all together. You can't be here."Leo stuttered.

  Selphia growled."I'll be safe with my father! I'm not leaving here. I refuse. If you want to leave me somewhere safe, leave me in Egypt."She argued.

  "That's where our primary enemy is. We can't just leave you in the pyramid of our enemy's target/brother and expect that to be safe!"Percy pointed out, scratching the back of his neck nervously. Annabeth nodded in agreement."It's not safe anywhere in Egypt."

  "Leave me with Nepthsys."

  "Seth's wife? You're joking, right? I'm here you guys. I was assigned to protect Selphia. That's the prime reason I'm alive. I die only if I'm killed or if she is killed. It's like a destiny knot. Only she doesn't die if I do. Let me do my job."Typhlo crossed his arms with an annoyed gaze.

  Artemis reached up and slowly stroked Typhlo's head. His tail swayed slowly then picked up the pace."We understand. Which is why I have decided to also come with you and aid in your battle. I also wish to see my husband once again."Her face flushed red at the mention of Osiris.

  Selphia started smiling."Really? Dad is gonna be so happy!"She squealed. Artemis nodded happily.

  While Leo simply looked down at his flaming hands. He contemplated. How would fatherhood be like? For all the gods, they simply ran around willy nilly spreading their seed everywhere. And they barely partake in their now destined to die in the most horrific way children's lives. He wondered if he would be like that...ignore his child. Though he wasn't the god in the relationship. Selphia was.

  He shook his head and stood up, stepping out of the room for a few minutes. For a breather.

  Artemis followed him out, watching him hyperventilate against the wall. She hesitated. Then reached out, placing her hand on his shoulder reassuringly. He looked at the goddess, trying his best to muster a genuine smile. But all Leo could do was whimper.

  "Do not worry Leo..being a father isn't terrible. Look at me and Osiris. We had five kids. Yes, two of them died, sadly. But we loved our other children very much. I was a terrible mother. I shouldn't have been afraid to tell Zeus. Now, I stuck myself down in the Underworld, away for most of my new daughter's life. Osiris cared for our children."

  "He raised Selphia to be as she is now. He raised our children, and his other two children all on his own. While ruling over Egypt. He was the perfect father, and always put his children before his kingdom. He never once raised his voice. He never once left them to cry. He never once abandoned them. He was always at their side."

  Artemis smiled as she reminisced in the memories of her husband caring for their children. Her heart was warm. Leo nodded softly. Wondering."I hope he doesn't strangle me when he finds out."Leo muttered, massaging his neck.

  She chuckled. Then laughed."No, no! He won't. He may be the king of his pantheon, you'd think he'd be angry all the time like Zeus, but Osiris is a very gentle man. Don't worry. You'll be fine."

  Leo laughed nervously. As if that was supposed to give him a bit of reassurance.

  Jason and Piper came out of the room, looking to Leo worriedly."Are you okay man?"Jason asked worriedly.

  Leo nodded shakily."Son of Zeus...I'm sorry for turning you into an animal."Artemis said.

  "Right. Zeus. Jupiter, as I'd prefer to say.."Jason mumbled. Artemis tilted her head and examined his arm."Ah..you're his Roman child." Her form flickered a bit.

  "Not this shit again."Leo growled.

  Selphia came out of the room, scratching her neck a little. She walked over to Leo, who was silent. He stared down at her, his brown eyes full of pain. It was quiet between them for a good few minutes.

  "Listen, Selph, I didn't mean to-"

  She threw her arms around him, burying her face in his chest. Eyes closed tightly as she cried shakily. Leo hesitated, then lowered his head as he hugged her back, linking his hands behind her back. He sniffed her hair. She smelled like a rich summer breeze, a hint of grapes dappled the scent here and there.

  "I'm sorry Leo. I didn't mean it when I called you a bastard...or the millions of other things that raced through my mind. I hope you can forgive me. And raise this child with me."She cried.

  Leo pulled back a little, hands still linked behind her back. He examined her puffy red face, stained by her tears. He smiled playfully, giving her an eskimo kiss.

  "Of course I forgive you Selphie. If anyone is the fool, it's me. I should be proud to be a father. I didn't mean to react that way. I'm actually pretty happy. I'll be there with you through thick and thin. From protecting you and my baby in battle, to holding back your hair when you hurl. And if I don't follow through, may Zeus strike me down."He laughed softly, smiling wider as she returned the eskimo kiss.

  Typhlo laughed breathily."Oh trust me, if he won't, I will."

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