Seeing Double Chapter 21

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We exchanged numbers before heading to that one class i dread. Biology. 


The moment we stepped in, the short old red head turned her head immediately to our direction, a scowl appearing on her face. Seriously, I'd rather attend Mr Bailey's history class for the whole school period. Mrs Daisy narrowed her eyes, "You two," she said in a horrible high pitch voice, pointing at us. "Why are you both late for my class?"  

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. That's because I don't want to waste my damn time staring at you making my ears bleed. "Um. Here" I handed the slip of my late pass to her. She snatched it, looking at me suspiciously. After browsing through the contents, she pointed accusingly to Rach, "Then what about her?" 

"Principal called her to get me" I said pointed to Rach, who just nod and played along. Mrs Daisy took another moment to stare at us, before responding,"Okay class, as I said, there'll be a test tomorrow" She shooed us with her hands as she turned to back to the class. Groans and complains swept over the whole class. Rach shook her head before giving me a smirk and I just low-five her, going to the empty spaces which are on each side of the classroom. 

I groaned. I shot Rach an apologetic look, she just shook her head and gave me a small smile before she strolled away. She went for the one nearer to the windows, when our eyes met, she gave me a wink before looking away. 

I had to drag myself to the seat. I didn't know anybody seating around me, ah back to good old solitary again. The guy sitting next to me gave me a small smile. I gave him my best warm one. Sure I was going back to solitary, but that wasn't gonna stop me from making friends with people. 

I was taking notes, amazingly, when I felt something landed on my arm. I looked to my side to see a small crushed paper. 

Evan Iverson. I liked the food fight. 

I stared at the paper for a moment. I was about to turn and face Evan, but stopped. Wait, this was those secret passing messages thing. I shouldn't give away his or mine idenitiy, that'd be just plain stupid. I stared back at my little notebook with all the scribbles, doodling and important points. 

Iris Summers. I'm glad you liked it? 

I threw the piece of paper as discreetly as I could, when Mrs Daisy face the white board. We'd be so busted if Mrs Daisy looked back and saw either one of us throwing the paper back and forth. I don't usually do this when I was back at my old school. But since I turned quote, unquote 'bad ass' I shouldn't be afraid of punishment. Well, I didn't give a damn at that time. For the last 15 minutes of the lesson, we've been throwing back and forth the piece of paper. 

He was always hanging with the other jocks during lunch. There was definitely something different about him and the other loser jocks in the school. He seemed approchable if you need some help with something. Unlike the jocks, the only care about how he was getting you to sleep with him, then dump you for another plastic bitch. They'll give you a bunch of bullshit, saying it didn't work out. I hate jocks. No, I truly despise them. Not after what happen. No. 

The piece of paper was thrown back at me. I opened the crumpled piece of paper. 

Iris, do you want to hang out with me after school today? I know a really good place for a little snack. ;) 

After writing, I crumpled the paper and pretended to stretch as I threw the paper to Evan. I'm sure people from the back could see I was throwing stuff here and there to Evan. But well, that didn't matter as long as I don't get into trouble.  

Does that wink mean something? Cause if it does, it'll be a no for life:) 

I read. 

Naw Iris, its not okay? I meant having a little stroll afterwards and stuff like that. Nothing related to sex. Unless you're interested?;)

Nooooo way man, okay I'll take your offer then:) 

Awww you gave me another chance:p Hey don't throw back the paper once you get it. And remember once the bell rings, run out as fast as you can. Chances are Mrs Daisy might have caught us throwing the things back and forth, due to your lack of being a ninja:b meet ya at the nearest staircase

I nodded my head slowly at the piece of paper, hoping Evan was looking. I looked up to see Mrs Daisy staring at Evan intensely. I turned to glance at Evan, just in time to see him gulped a little. Oh shoot. Was he right about Mrs screechy? Damn it. It hadn't even been an hour after my first lecture and now this. Man, what happen to the goody goody Iris? But then again, its fun doing stuff like that, breaking the rules and getting into trouble was fun. It is changing me a little, that I'm not complaining.

I looked back at Mrs Daisy, with a clueless look. Thank God! Her shapless, fat ass was facing the class. I sighed a little, relief washed over me. I'm not going to go all bad ass anytime soon. I turned at Evan, our eyes met before he gave me a wink and acted like nothing happened. 

Just a few seconds more. It was going to be over. I just had to dash out of the class and I won't have to face her till tomorrow. I groaned internally. Tomorrow, would be a beautiful day without Mrs Daisy and her fat ass in it. 

The bell rung. I started shoving my notebook and pen into my haversack, before dashing out of the class like my life depended on it. Maybe that was a little over dramatic, but I rather run out before that woman tells me to stayback. I don't want to go for any detention, those were for the people without manners or those having attidude problems. 

I was panting badly by the time I reached the staircase. Shouldn't have done that, I thought to myself when Evan came strolling towards me, grinning like he forgot he was just about to get caught by the teacher. I looked at him confusly. 

Then he burst out laughing. I cointinued staring at him. Huh? Jacob suddenly came storming towards us with Jake just brisk walking behind, Jacob grabbed Evan by his shirt and held him up the wall. 

Okay, what?

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