Chapter 24 - Bucky

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Bucky rubbed his face with his hand of flesh and blood, trying to process his emotions. A part of him was regretting taking on the responsibility of taking care of this woman he barely knew. The winter soldier part of him; and he tried his best to leave that all behind. He shook his head, his gaze falling at his bedroom door. The bigger part of him, the part that was slowly piecing together, felt some sense of comfort. He was helping a friend of a friend. And perhaps, as she said before, she could return his memories.

He couldn't help but be fascinated with Christina Wyatt. The young woman with the weight of a whole species on her winged back, and her primary concern was Steve. Steve. The recurring factor in anything that Bucky came across.

He furrowed his brows when he realised the lamp in his room was on, and then stood up and headed to check if she was okay. He knocked lightly, and when he didn't get a response, he opened the door ever so slightly before poking his head through. He saw that she had been curled up into a ball on the bed, the sheets only covering her feet. She had also left the lamp on, but he was unsure if that was accidental or on purpose. He didn't know her habits just yet.

After a short moment of debating with himself, he went in and pulled the sheets up and over her body. He lingered for a moment, watching her sleep. He could see why Steve was captivated by her. She was a beautiful woman. He breathed out quietly and straightened up, switching off the lamp before heading out and shutting the door.

He wasn't quite sure what he was diving into it why he was doing it. But for the first time in so long, he felt responsible for something good. Something that could make people smile and not bring destruction to families.

Laying on the couch on his back, Bucky wondered what could have happened had he decided to head straight to the bar and not the hospital. He had no idea what the Shadow would have done had they got hold of her. With the close of his eyes, he shrugged the thought off, grateful that hr was there when he was and that he saved her again.

He did something good. And that was enough.

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