Chapter 15

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Sawyer wouldn't let me finish the movie.

After he clothed himself and came back into the living room, he insisted that he was too tired to watch. I'd already teased him enough about being scared, so I turned off the tv and wished him a good night's sleep, no mention of the Babadook.

Poter and Leah were already sound asleep in the back room, both of them snoring softly as I climbed into bed. I'd just gotten comfortable when my phone vibrated and lit up, the glow from the screen illuminating the dark room. I rolled over in my bed and unlocked my phone, immediately greeted by a text from Sawyer.

Sweet dreams baby girl. I hope they're as wet as mine will be ;)

I rolled my eyes instinctively, quickly typing out a short reply.

Just remember, the Babadook will get you first :)

My text was followed by an assortment of not so friendly emojis, and with a smile I fell back into my pillow and closed my eyes.


Unlike all of my family, I was a light sleeper. So, the second a muffled bang sounded from the front of the house, I woke with a start. Leah was snoring softly, a pillow tucked under her baby bump as one always was. Porter was on the top bunk, his hand hanging over the edge lazily. Neither of them stirred as I got up and made my way toward the edge of the house, my heart still beating a little too fast from my sudden wake up call. When I poked my head into the dark living room, I was surprised to find the couch empty, only the blanket I'd given to Sawyer strewn across the cushions.

At the sound of a cabinet closing, I turned the corner and headed for the kitchen. As I suspected, Sawyer was poking around, no doubt looking for a midnight snack. "You know-"

I was interrupted when Sawyer let out a low yelp, spinning around as he tossed a package of hot dogs directly at my head. I was so surprised that I didn't even duck to miss the flying food, and it clobbered me right smack dab in the middle of my forehead. I stumbled back on impact, my back slamming into the pantry door as I did.

"What the fuck," I hissed, my hands instinctively coming up to clutch the now throbbing spot where the hot dogs hit.

I was expecting a rushed apology, but Sawyer delivered the exact opposite. "Don't you know not to sneak up on people, Jesus," he breathed out, reaching down to pick up the package of fake meat that was now on the floor.

I gave him a look of pure hatred, rubbing the sore spot on my head. "You threw a fucking package of hot dogs at me."

Sawyer looked down at the food that was now in his hand and then back at me, his lips tugging up to form a smile. "I did, and it was hilarious. I mean, you should have seen your face."

My glare turned into an expression of utter contempt. "Oh come on, it's your fault," he told me. "You're the one who snuck up on me."

"I did not sneak up on you. I'm sure if the timer on the oven  went off you would have thrown something at it, you big baby. Are you actually that afraid of a fictional movie? And what's a package of uncooked hot dogs going to do against an all powerful, evil monster coming to kill you!"

Sawyer's eyes widened as he looked back at me. "You're right, next time I'll be sure to throw a knife," he said, a humorous twinkle in his eyes.

Grumbling, I sntached the hot dogs out of his and and opened the package. When Sawyer gave me a strange look, I shrugged my shoulders. "What, now I want a hot dog."

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