Ch.1 Hawaii

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And yet another GMW story with some FRIENDS reference, hope you all enjoy :)

One morning, everyone had gathered in Riley's apartment where they were all waiting for Riley.

"What's taking her so long?" Zay asked.

"Riley can't find her favorite sun dress" Maya said "And since we're going to Hawaii, she can't wait to wear it."

"Well she better hurry" Josh said "We gotta get to the airport."

"You know I'm really glad you get to join us Smackle" Farkle said.

"I'm glad too" she smiled "I've always wanted to go to Hawaii."

"Well we would be going now if Riley can hurry up!" Maya called to Riley's room.

"I'm coming!" they heard Riley call as she ran out while wearing a sun dress "I finally found my sun dress."

"Well can we all go now?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah let's get moving people!" Josh ordered "Move it!"

"Write away Boing!" Maya said as everyone started to run out.

"Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" Riley yelled "I'll call you when we get there!"

"Wear sunscreen!" Topanga yelled.

"Yeah yeah" she rolled her eyes as she closed the door and joined everyone.

Pretty soon, everyone was in Hawaii as they walked into the resort except Maya.

"Look at this place" Riley gasped as she admired the resort.

"Maya come on!" Josh called.

"I'm not going in looking like this!" Maya yelled.

"Would you come on you look fine!" Riley yelled.

Maya then entered the resort with her hair all puffy and a mad look on her face as she stomped her way towards them.

"You really think this looks fine?" she frowned at Riley.

"Whoa where'd you come from, the 70s?" Zay joked as Maya faced him with a mad look "I'll shut up."

"It's this stupid heat" she grunted "I need to find a hair salon."

"I'm sorry Maya" Riley said "But I looked online that all hair salons are closed until 4, it's 3 now."

"Who opens at 4?!"

"Tell me about it?" Zay agreed.

"You know what?" Maya said "I'm not gonna wait, I'm gonna buy a hair straighter and fix this mess."

"You can later" Josh said "But right now we gotta get checked in."

But as they were checking in, Lucas spotted a sign about a helicopter ride.

"Oo" he said with interest as he took the brochure.

After checking, everyone went into their rooms.

"Well this is a colorful room" Smackle said amused.

"Look at the size of the pool" Zay pointed out the window "It's huge!"

"Zay that's the ocean" Lucas corrected.

"Oh, well that explains the whale."

"Well now that we're checked in" Maya said "I'm gonna go buy a straighter and fix this beehive on my head."

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