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The youngest Uchiha's arrival, when it happens, is remarkably silent. Only when a smirking Tsunade enters the waiting room, beckoning for Sasuke, does anyone even realise it has occurred.

Not surprising considering the noise they were making outside, but still unexpected.

Hinata is amused to note the usually stoic shinobi is a little nervous as he straightens up and heads into the delivery. He pauses only to indicate his daughter should go in before him. Sarada sports an identical expression, glancing back at Kakashi for some reason, before squaring her shoulders and leading the way.

"This is the way it should have been before," Naruto says with satisfaction, taking Hinata's hand as the door swings shut. She squeezes his bandaged one in agreement.

"Do you think Sasuke will cry?" Sai asks, coming up behind them.

"Why would he cry?"

"Because you did."

"So did you, asshole."

"I wasn't sure what the proper emotional response was."


Boruto interrupts with a guffaw. "You cried when I was born?"

Naruto tries to save face. "Well, I knew what a troublemaker you would be."

"We all knew what a troublemaker you would be," Kakashi interrupts. "It only occurred to your father when he saw you that he was the one people were going to complain to about it."


"Don't mind them," Hinata says, gently nudging her son. "Your father never met his family before, and suddenly he had you. It made him very, very happy. And I imagine that Sasuke is feeling the exact same way right now."

The former members of Squad Seven all exchange looks of understanding agreement. If anyone in the village understand the truth of that statement, it's those who fought hard to bring their lost teammate home.

When Sasuke returns half an hour later, he is holding a bundle of blankets expertly in his one arm. Sarada trails after him, pink-cheeked and keeping teary-eyes focussed warily on the newest addition to the Leaf.

Everyone immediately crowds forward to see, but Sarada plants herself in front of her father and brother.

"One at a time, you don't want to scare him," she announces, the hint of a threat in her voice. "And no making stupid faces!"

Naruto steps forward, followed closely by Kakashi. Hinata hangs back to give them their space, sensing that right now, this moment is reserved for the Uchiha and his surrogate family.

The moment a broken a mere second later when Naruto looks down at the baby and promptly bursts into delighted laughter. Sasuke frowns, seems to notice exactly what Naruto is chuckling at, and the frown becomes a glower. With an infant in his only arm, he can't even retaliate.

Sarada takes up the slack there, however, kicking Naruto in the shins. It seems she has finally lost that reverent awe for the Seventh Hokage. "Sh! You'll make him cry!"

The use of the Byakugan is only a slight cheat, but it allows Hinata to discover what the fuss is about.

Aren't you a lucky one, little boy, she thinks. Born surrounded by loved ones and while the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. A good omen.

And appropriate, considering the downy pink fuzz that covers the infant's head.

"I think it's lovely," she says loyally, earning an approving nod from Sasuke.

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